And Then I Told My Daughter About Pet Battles…

I mentioned the pet battles system coming with the Mists of Pandaria expansion to my daughter this morning.

Go Totodile!

Once she made the quick Pokemon connection in her head, she was back on the “When is this coming out?” and “We are totally getting this expansion!” train.

Clearly we have an indication of the target audience for this expansion.

Well, I guess I am interested to see how the pet game plays out as well.  I already have most of the companion pet achievements already and I am certainly no stranger to Pokemon.

I am wearing my Pokewalker even as I write this.

6 thoughts on “And Then I Told My Daughter About Pet Battles…

  1. Aufero

    The pet battle thing does provide a heavy-handed hint as to the intended customer base, doesn’t it? That’s okay, as long as they don’t make me grow crops to feed my pets.

    That would be LotRO.


  2. ScytheNoire

    And this post shows exactly why WoW will lose yet more of their customer base.

    They are obviously planning to go free-to-play and are looking to cater to a younger audience and the Asian market more than their former fan-base.

    WoW is basically done for the adult MMORPG player.


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