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Running Civilization II on Windows 7 64-bit

When last we left my quest to play Civilization II on my Windows 7 64-bit system, I seemed to be pretty much out of luck.

The original version of the game was a 16-bit executable and simply would not run on Windows 7 64-bit.  No way, no how.

So I started to look around for a newer version of the game.  Eventually, over at Amazon.com, I came across a vendor in the Amazon Marketplace that was selling a copy of the later Civilization II Muliplayer Gold Edition for just $15.  It seemed like a deal to me, and when it showed up a couple of days later, it appeared to be the full package.

Box, manual, disc, and chart

That box is actually considerably bigger than what games ship in today.  And I haven’t seen a game manual that comprehensive in a decade at least.

Anway, that was the version I needed, as I had read over at Civilization Fanatics that somebody had created a patch for that version that would allow the game to run on 64-bit.  There is actually a thread in their forum with the patch.

At first I was not even sure I would need the patch.

The game installed, launched, and ran for a bit.  It wasn’t until I started my first city that the game terminated.  So I went and grabbed the patch, applied it, and gave it another go.

And, hey presto, I had a running game!

Exploring the World

Now to play a few games to decide where Civ II really belongs on my top Civilization games list.  The poll taken in the last post on the subject seemed to indicate that Civ II was pretty well regarded.  With 136 votes in, this was the list:

My own first impressions, having been away from the game for a couple of years, is how light and easy and uncluttered it is.  Relative to the later versions of the game, there is a simplicity to it.  That and how much I like that it was designed to run in a window, a popular design choice back in the mid 90s, so that it sized correctly to my monitor, which has about 4x the area that my monitor did back when the game first shipped.

Barbarian Uprising!

I pretty much fell right back into playing the game.  I started at the Warlord level for my warm up, which meant that I pretty much dominated from the start, even with the barbarians set to “raging hordes.”

Who's happy? I'm happy!

So now I have another retro gaming option on my system.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in a little Civilization retrospective about the original game, Tim and Jon at Van Console Time Murdering Hemlocks have a show up about the original Civilization.  Step back 20 years and hear how Civilization grabbed so many of us.

The Most Wiley WoW Phishing Attempt Yet…

Talking with my daughter about BlizzCon and Pandas and Pokemon companion pet battles naturally raised the level of interest in World of Warcraft around the house.

And, hey presto, what should show up in my mail box but an offer for seven free days of World of Warcraft!

Come play for free!

I mean, I get offers like this from games now and again.  I have even gotten such offers from Blizzard.  So no alarms went off in my head… not right away.

And then, as I clicked on the button, I realized that I was not looking at the email inbox associated with my Blizzard Battle.net account.  This was the email account where I only every get PHISHING ATTEMPTS.

Fortunately, the site had already been flagged as a forgery.

Web Forgery Alert!

Sure enough, I went back to mouse over the “PLAY FREE NOW” button and the URL is directed me to was obviously bogus, something I would have normally noticed if I had not been in something of a BlizzCon state of mind.  They hit me at just the right moment.  The phishing attempt literally came in about 30 minutes before I opened up my email.  But I was saved from any potential trouble by the good people at Mozilla.

This is why I tell my wife and mother-in-law not to use Internet Explorer

Though it does make me wonder how much those good people at Mozilla know about my browsing habits, and that if they are watching, that site I was at the other night after my wife went to bed was a total accident.  I was looking up one of the works of W. Somerset Maugham and how I ended up on that other site is a complete mystery to me.

Anyway, be wary and look at those URLs before you click!