A Kinder and Gentler Fippy Darkpaw… for Raiding Guilds

The EverQuest GMs have apparently given up on gladiatorial combat and trivia challenges in order to determine who gets a crack at which raid boss and have resorted to just posting a schedule.

Greetings citizens of Fippy!

Below is the outline for the current Fippy raid rotation. To get your guild onto this rotation you just need to petition with a time/date for your guild to prove it’s meddle. Each tier (current and future) will have its own, no-loot, raid mob to kill. I would suggest petitioning well in advance to ensure that both parties have the time resources available at the specified time.

Current guilds keyed to top tier Velious spawns:

Twisted Legion
Dark Blood
Rosen Guard

Pending guilds:


Top Tier Raid Rotation: (The mob to qualify for this rotation is Vyemm.)

Current week rotation:

Cazic Thule – Twisted Legion
Avatar of War – Rosenguard
North Temple of Vesheen  – Darkblood
Tunare – Citizen
Ring of Fear – Darkblood

Second Tier Raid Rotation: (The mob to qualify for this rotation is Sontikar or Vyemm.)

King Tormax
Ring of Slime

The Rules:

#1. Each rotation with the exception of NToV consists of a 12 hour window. NToV will be given an 18 hour window to cover the spawn windows of the number of raid targets. If a raid target is not killed within 12 hours of it spawning it is open to any other guild on the rotation to target and kill.

Killing a raid mob outside of another guilds kill window does not change the rotation. The guild who was incapable, unwilling, or uninterested in killing the raid target essentially forfeits their kill of the target.

#2. Killing a raid target during the kill window of another guild will result in the suspension of the raid leader. All loot that was dropped by the raid target will be removed and destroyed. The raid target will then be re-spawned and the 12 hour window will restart.

#3. Interference with another guilds kill target during their window of time will result in harsh punishments for the offending guild. (I.E. if your guild is training another guild, your guild may become locked out of zones when a raids target it up, and it is not your turn to kill it. Don’t do it, it will not be worth it to you or your guild in the long run.)

#4. When a new expansion launches all raid targets will be at free for all status for the first 4 weeks or once multiple guilds have shown the ability to kill said raid targets, whichever is longer.

We have invented virtual instancing… if you just imagine that the server has only enough processing power to run one copy of the instance at a time… and that there is some sort of strange form of guild lockouts that affects only qualified guilds.

With raid conflicts now settled and the war on hacking still going strong, the Progression Server forums can get back to the real business at hand…

Complaining about how people who multi-box have completely ruined EverQuest for everybody for all time!

Only done in a non-judgmental and non-flaming way.  It says so right in the title.

8 thoughts on “A Kinder and Gentler Fippy Darkpaw… for Raiding Guilds

  1. Carson

    I find it hilarious that this “oldschool” server is being managed in such a way as to make is absolutely 100% crystal clear that management think their oldschool raid design was a terrible idea which should never be repeated. Just play EQ2 or some other game with raid instances, this “instancing by GM fiat” design is ludicrous.


  2. Aufero

    Considering the arguments about multi-boxing in EQ started well over ten years ago, the topic should be the deadest of dead horses by now.

    Ride on, zombie horse!


  3. Snick

    Wish we had GM raiding rules like that back in 2001-2002, the Golden Years of EQ. Yes, back when we had 2 RP, 3 PvP and 25+ jam packed PvE servers. Many a cunning guild, there was.

    Not even going to gripe about boxers, haha, didn’t have the money or the time to indulge back then and indeed wished that I could. Instead I ran a HUD for swooping quest spawns for friends and various middling guilds. Made a fair bit o’ plat and had a great time on and off for 3 years.

    But, ‘prove your meddle’ ?

    Olde English metaphor = FAIL


  4. Remianen

    I don’t see where the issue is? This is the same thing that happened “back in the day” with Ragefire, on many servers. The difference is, those rotations were player proposed and enforced (though GMs would enforce the player rotations on occasion). This slope gained its slipperiness way back then. Heck, if I remember right, The Nameless had a raid mob rotation at one time (it was either Nameless with LoS or Rathe with BotS).

    In fact, one of the one things I miss most about “the old days” is spawn racing and competing over open world mobs and zones. Heck, I rerolled on an FFA server (Tholuxe Paells) because my passive aggressive FCFS/”First in force” server (Torv) frustrated me so much, back when rerolling was a daunting proposition. Having to clear Vex Thal or else miss out on whatever mobs you left up (especially Aten). The sense of urgency inspired by knowing if you don’t get there, buff, and engage before a competing guild, you were SOL. That doesn’t even factor in the effects a good Euro guild could have on a US server. Widespread instancing means everything can be scheduled to the minute and raid force efficiency doesn’t even matter anymore. Sure, take 20 minutes to get to the raid zone, it’s okay! Mob will still be up waiting for you. Ugh.

    And as an unabashed multiboxer (in EQ, EVE, CoH, EQ2, Lineage 2, etc), I laugh at the people who have a problem with that. I’m no Sam Deathwalker, but I’ve done more than 2 (or 4 or 8 even) on more than one occasion and I’ve got the credit card statements to prove the consequences of that strategy. Heck, there was a time back in ’08 when I had 19 active accounts in EQ1 so I could clear Anguish for Epic 2.0 orbs and the lesser traveled Fabled mobs (like Vaniki in Dragon Necropolis) and PL/gear new toons (to later split them off onto new accounts). Just seems like tilting at windmills.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Remianen – Well, the reason I post this sort of thing is that I find it interesting to see exactly how the servers are going through exactly the same problems they did back in the day, only at an accelerated rate.

    And I am bummed. I was going to put a mention of Vulak players likely getting annoyed at Fippy Darkpaw getting all the GM attention. And, sure enough, this morning there are a couple of threads about just that sort of thing. They want a GM enforced rotation, despite the fact that complaints about raid targets on Vulak have been extremely rare compared to the Fippy problems.

    We see somebody else getting special treatment and we want it to.


  6. Remianen

    Back to the future. :) It also shows how the times have changed. Back then, people didn’t get into such a tizzy when they lost on a raid target. Sure, they’d hit the rants & flames section of the server messageboard (remember those?) but they didn’t run to “the cops”. They tried to handle it themselves (sometimes in less than savory ways, granted).

    And yeah, when I first read that, I knew the people on Vulak would scream unfair. But the only reason they want a rotation is so they can kill these mobs on a schedule, at their leisure (much as if they were instanced). There hasn’t been any real guild drama on that server (according to a few former guildies who are in the #2 guild on the server).


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