SOE Confirms November 15 Veil of Alaris Launch Date

SOE may be proud to announce the launch date for the 18th EverQuest expansion, the Veil of Alaris, but it isn’t like we couldn’t have figured that date out ourselves.

After all, they told us over a week ago that pre-order prices were good through the 14th of November, so at least *I* was pretty sure that the launch date would be November 15th, it falling on a Tuesday and all.

SOE has also posted a series of zone preview videos for those who want to see what is coming to Norrath.

I am still impressed that EverQuest is getting regular expansions more than 12 years into the game’s life.

1 thought on “SOE Confirms November 15 Veil of Alaris Launch Date

  1. Remianen

    I wonder what difficulty direction they go in this time. SoD launched too hard (slightly) so they nerfed the difficulty (mobs and such). Underfoot flopped because only 10% of the playerbase (tanks, at least) was geared up enough to handle the content. It seemed like a third of the people who bought it were only doing Boomerang missions. And House of Thule is basically easy mode (except for tier 3). I can guess that they’re going to take to taskadds with a sledgehammer (forget the bat) and a thermonuclear device though. Apparently they expect people to raise 250k plat to make their armor solely by killing mobs.


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