I Thought This Achievement Was Going to be More Difficult…

As I mentioned in the October in Review post, and which you probably missed since it was at the end of a wall of text, my daughter and I are back to playing WoW a bit, thanks in large part to the promise of Pandas.  And with Hallows End going on, I decided to try and get that mask achievement finished at last.

And then I got an unexpected achievement.

I barely got myself into Uldum before I got it too.  I went through the little intro event.

Zany, madcap adventures

And shortly ended up at Ramkahen, where I was promptly flamed by a passing epic dragon.

Laying in the Fire

I am guessing they must have upped the Deathwing travel rate, since back when Cataclysm launched, I had my hunter out in Uldum for ages and never once saw him.  But Vikund, he was out there for a couple hours and Ramkahen got lit up three times.  And those flames last for a while.

And did they nerf flight routes while I was away as well?  Vikund seemed to have all the flight points in Cataclysm, even in zones he had never visited before.  Odd.

Anyway, I managed to visit all of the pumpkins in the new Cataclysm zones for that achievement, which only left me with the mask achievement… again.

Last year Hallow’s End finished up with me shy two masks.  Cataclysm added four more masks, so I had six to get.  I proceeded to hit every last pumpkin in Azeroth I could find and ended up with this.

Two damn masks left to go.  Again.  Ah well, next year in Stormwind, as they say.

At least I got the Creepy Crate pet for a few of my characters.  And the critters it eats count towards the Critter Kill Squad guild achievement, which is good, as we seem to need another 30K critters to finish it off.  Still, we have been progressing, and the last time I was paying attention to it, we needed 40K critters.  Every little bit helps.

And I am sure the Creepy Crate will make for an interesting companion pet when pet battles get introduced as part of Pandaclysm.

13 thoughts on “I Thought This Achievement Was Going to be More Difficult…

  1. stargrace

    Those masks are for sale outside of Stormwind from a mask vendor (same with the wands) 2 candy each mask / wand. Finished my achievements for it this round.


  2. Teebags

    Also the pumpkins seem to be available in all Inns, not just the ones on the Achievement list. So if you’ve done the achievements and still not got all the wands/masks you need just head to any and all the other available Inns for some extra Pumpkin lootage :)


  3. stargrace

    Yep, it’s my first year as alliance so I’m not sure if this is normal or just implemented this year but I went to the vendors (which also sold two new REALLY cute companion pets) bought all the masks, got the achievement. Right outside the front gates where the daily quests were to stink bomb the Undercity and light up the Wickerman.



  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Okay, which vendor sells 30K critter deaths? I bet it is Haris Pilton.

    And come on, Pandaclysm! I am sure I am not the first to use that name, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet.


  5. Tesh

    As near as I can tell, characters automagically get access to all flight points that are “appropriate” to their level. You can find and activate ones beyond your level, and I’m not sure if there are any hidden ones, but for the most part, instead of learning flight points, the flight masters can just send you places that *they* know of.

    …it actually makes more sense to me, though it certainly feels like a nerf if you’re used to walking uphill in the snow to find new flight points.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Tesh – If finding new fight points is now considered “walking up hill in the snow” we’ve grown so lazy that I fear we’ll soon be overrun and ruled by a band of ambitious lemurs if we’re not careful.

    Seriously though, for six years, the method was walking around the zone and finding flight points as you went, so you wouldn’t have to repeat the ground journey, but you had seen the zone from the ground.

    Now the flight points are marked on your map in advance, available as a tracking option on your mini-map, and handed out to you as soon as you might legitimately need to use them.

    The death of the green exclamation point in Azeroth.


  7. Nedmyr

    Gratz, while I’ve been leveling my first wow character to 85, getting Loremaster and The Explorer on that same character, and flying all over Azeroth to get candy and honor the elders etc etc etc, I’ve been sooo waiting for Stood in the Fire. Still nothing. I’m not bitter at all….. :P


  8. Tesh

    Well, I didn’t say I prefer it, I just said it makes more sense; the flightmasters and the critters ought to know where they are headed. I did like walking around, and I still do it.


  9. Random poster

    The FP thing was something they implemented in patch 4.2.

    Having to run across a zone always irked me because somehow the Wyvern in Barrens didn’t know how to get to Orgrimmar even though it’s a paid service, unless I knew where Orgrimmar was. To top it off If you are an Orc…shouldn’t you already KNOW where Orgrimmar is?

    I don’t think it detracts that much really. If you are intent on doing the quests you will see all of the zone. If you are just trying to rush through as fast as possible it lets you do that to.


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