Guardian Cub Now Available – Let The RMT Apocalypse Begin!

The guardian cub is now available at the Blizzard Store.

Golden Companion Pet

Will it become a PLEX-like destroyer of illicit gold sales?

Will it be a quick, flash in the pan, making gold for some before losing its value?

Will this become the Pet Battles pet to have?

It looks like we will have to wait a bit to see.  From the pet description:

During the purchase process, you’ll select a single World of Warcraft character on a single World of Warcraft license to receive the Guardian Cub. Please note that the World of Warcraft license must be in the North America game region.

Once you complete your payment, the pet should arrive in your selected character’s in-game mailbox in approximately fifteen minutes (in normal conditions; please allow up to three hours for delivery). The pet will initially be bound to your character, but it will automatically become unbound and transferable to other characters (by mail or trade) after 24 hours. Redeeming the pet (by right-clicking it) will consume the item.

So on the Alliance side of the Eldres-Thalas server there are NONE for sale yet.

Come on Blizzard, I want to see the walls come tumbling down!

Tune in tomorrow I guess, as I try to get a price check on guardian cubs.

4 thoughts on “Guardian Cub Now Available – Let The RMT Apocalypse Begin!

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    No, spell check just doesn’t work in the title field for some reason. Dammit.

    You think I would have learned that word by now. Another example of “learn something right the first time, you will always get it right, learn something wrong the first time and you’ll spend your life correcting it.”


  2. Carson

    I foresee that hilarity will ensue as a result of the “bound for 24 hours” factor. 24 hours of people buying Cubs, convinced that they’re going to sell them for tens of thousands of gold.. and then tomorrow, we will see how many (tens? hundreds? thousands?) there are on the auction house.

    Google tells me that ten bucks might buy you something in the ballpark of 7000 gold on the black market? I’d be willing to bet that only the very lucky will be able to sell a Cub for more than a couple of thousand on the AH.


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