Baby Steps in Telara – A Guild is Formed

We couldn’t quite get the group together Halloween weekend.

Earl, who lives in New York, informed us via the magic of iPhone that he was otherwise without power or internet connectivity.  So we had to leave him to the hum of his generator along with the almost non-stop sound of breaking tree branches while we figured out what to do in Rift without him.

And the rest of us got on a bit late.  There were pets and patches and updates to deal with.  Jolly joined the rest of us in getting the collector’s edition of the game.  Like Earl, he got the spider mount that now comes with the CE, as opposed to the turtle that was the previous reward mount.

Getting on late and being a player short, we needed something to do.

Being a fan of obtainable goals, I suggested we try to form a guild.  Potshot and I had already gone through the usual preamble of silly guild names and had come up with one to foist on our unsuspecting future guild mates.

The question was whether just the four of us could form a guild.

It turns out that two people with enough alts can manage guild formation just fine.

Potshot logged into Zahihawass, one of his higher level alts (his naming theme for Rift seems to be “unpronounceable meets unspellable”), picked up a charter in Meridian, and invited us all to sign.  This did not even require physical proximity, though we were one signature short.

However, I was able to log out and back in with an alt of my own, sign the remaining line, and there we were.

Guild Charter Complete

The Batsmen of the Calamari is both a Monty Python reference as well as a Rift reference.

Then we set about getting people set up at appropriate ranks within the guild.  Rift seems to come with more guild ranks than I would imagine anybody might need by default.

We have many ranks from which to choose!

I am sure there are guild out there that need ranks beyond a default “recruit, member, officer, leader,” but how many guilds need 10 ranks?

And there was also a tab about guild perks.

Tell me of these perks!

I will have to go read up on those.

As we were doing this, I also got a whisper from Harbinger Zero pkudude99 who is also on the Alsbeth server.  He sent Earl and I some armor he crafted, which was better than the quest reward items I had accumulated up to that point.  So a big thanks goes out for that.

With the guild formed, we decided to run down the starter quest chain a bit.  Earl had actually gotten a bit ahead, and he can be an MMO machine when he puts his mind to it, so we figured he would have no problem catching up if we got a quest hub or two ahead of him.

So we cleared out the quests from the first hub, which included yet another sample “here is how rifts work” event, calamari tentacles and all.

Finishing up the training rift

We pushed on from there and eventually ended up at the Kelari Refuge, where we decided to call it a night.

Kelari Refuge on the Water

But we now have a guild and a silly guild name floating above all or our heads.

Batsmen of the what?

Next week we hope to be stuck into Freemarch proper.

10 thoughts on “Baby Steps in Telara – A Guild is Formed

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @pkudude99 – Doh! I must have missed when you ID’d yourself, we were busy chatting on Skype and working on the guild thing, and I could only recall HZ being on the server.

    Sorry about that! Corrected above.


  2. bhagpuss

    FFS! Are you telling me you can form a guild just with alts? That never, ever occurred to me! Mrs Bhagpuss and I could have had a guild for 6 months before she drifted back to EQ2 if that’s the case. Although I’m not sure what good it would have done us. Would have stopped the annoying speculative invites though.

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll be guilding myself this weekend!


  3. HarbingerZero

    Yeah, I’m on hiatus this week while half my usual gaming group is visiting me in the flesh. I don’t have any armor, but I have wands and staves and totems (oh my!) that I’d be happy to pass on to your crew. (-:


  4. Boris

    May I politely request a side shot of that purple porker? and what the heck does it have sticking out of it’s back? Hairs? Spines? Broken arrow shafts?

    Not a RIFT player, obviously


  5. pkudude99

    @Boris — The “razorbeast” has a mane made of hair on it with some bony spikes/quills surrounding it. Once you get to level 24 as a ranger and upgrade to the “Greater” form of it then the pelt also gains some striping. But then at level 31 you get a dinosaur pet and never use the pig again :-(

    @TAGN — The Guild Perks are minor bonuses — increased planarite drops from rifts, invasions, and footholds; increased coin drop from mobs; chance of getting a 2 point gain on tradeskilling on a combine — stuff like that. You can also grant powers to guild members like “expend all planar charges to do a raid-rez” or “drop a banner for increased stats during a boss fight” and other boosts like that. Pretty much just a case of mousing over the various perks and reading their tooltips, then deciding what you’d want for the guild.

    Personally, I recommend the increased planarite drop rate. You can never have too much planarite. . . . .


  6. Ferrel

    Congratulations on getting the guild together!

    Guildophiles (like me) like having the freedom of all of those extra ranks. We use one for alts, one for alt-officers. You can also have equal ranks of different names for different occasions/roles/etc. Just more versatility for us. We have a “retired” rank. It keeps me sane knowing is who is about.

    Just some random thoughts there!


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Ferrel – Yeah, I get it. I wasn’t saying that 10 ranks weren’t ever needed. You can have 10 guild ranks in WoW as well. When I was in Revelry & Honor in EQII (and I think I still might be) there were all sorts of ranks for various officer levels, members who raided, members who didn’t, alt, inactive members, and so on.

    But WoW doesn’t give you 10 by default. You have the option to add ranks if you want them. There are similar functions in EQII and LOTRO.

    Rift on the other hand gives you 10 ranks for your guild. And unless I am totally missing the options, that is all you can ever have, no more, no less.

    That is… different… not bad, just different… and I thought worthy of notice.


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