Appearance Slots – The Case For

Since starting on Rift my various characters have accumulated a bit of the various in-game currencies.

I am still a bit confused as to why some currency-like items… planarite or coins… are tracked on the currency tab while others… and I speak specifically of magma opals, which I gather are special for the current world event… have to rattle around in my bag or bank.

Anyway, I accumulated some magma opals over the course of the world event and I actually stumbled over the vendor who sells things in trade for magma opals.

And, the vendor actually had something that I wanted, was useful, and that I could afford.  That is pretty much a special event trifecta for me!  Usually it is want/useful/affordable, pick two.

So I bought the item, which was a helmet of purple quality with a pretty big stat boost over my current chapeau, and put it right on.  And then I saw what it looked like on my head.

Do I amuse you?

Apparently the helms were remainders from some fringe masonic order or a circus second hand store that had gone out of business.

Not that I am the most picky dresser in-game.  I’ll wear most anything for a lark.

Getting wild at Brewfest

In fact, I think I could have handled the helm had it not been for the violet plume sticking up at the top of the helm.  Or if the Eth were not such gray, squirrel-like humanoid race.  What is up with the Eth?  Is this some sort of poke at those interested in technology?

But Rift at least leaves me an out with their own version of equipment appearance slots.

No plume, still gray

At least now my warrior can face the world without the worry of people pointing and laughing.

13 thoughts on “Appearance Slots – The Case For

  1. HarbingerZero

    My brother finally accumulated enough for the hat last night. This has been a nice event, in the previous ones there has been one or two items I wanted, this one I’d buy every one of them if I could.


  2. Foodleech

    FYI, you can preview equipment before you buy, if you hold down shift and right click (might be left, I don’t remember) it should open up another window showing the new item on your character. It is also possible to dye the magenta “feather” on the top of your newly acquired hat.

    By the way, Love your blog, I read it everyday. Keep up the good work :-)


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @MBP – After that helm, I barely notice the tassels on the tips of the ogre-bra shoulder plates. And I can get them spinning in opposite directions, which is quite a skill.

    @saucelah – But if I am going to go ridiculous, I want to go all out, like that Brewfest outfit. I don’t want to be the armored knight wearing the Sponge Bob party hat.

    Bunny ears are an exception. I’ll do bunny ears with any outfit.


  4. Warsyde

    The opals are in your inventory because they are only account bound — you can transfer them between your own characters. Things tracked in the currency tab have no physical presence in your inventory and other than cash can’t be traded.

    Plus, every event has it’s own currency. The currency tab would get pretty silly if it tracked them all.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Sleepysam – It is the Eth. They are a gray, humorless, squirrel-like race that plans to save Telara merely so they can then develop it into an endless expanse of identical strip malls.


  6. bhagpuss

    There’s a really nice Indiana Jones hat on that same vendor you bought the jester’s cap from. Appearance only.

    Also there’s a permanent World Event vendor who sells all items from all previous world events, so don’t delete your opals when the event ends thinking they no longer have a use!


  7. Gina

    Basically RIFT is the perfect example of how *not* to do appearance slots. Heavy armor-wearing classes can equip heavy armor only in their appearance slots. Um… really? Nice bone you threw there to roleplayers, Trion. More like a slap in the face.

    It may sound petty to some, but this is pretty much the reason I left the game. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back after realizing that it was just another raid or die game with repetitive grinds thrown in for everyone else.


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