Azeroth Travel Poster Contest Winners

The time has come to announce the winners of the Azeroth Travel Poster contest.

First, I want to thank everybody who entered.

I miscounted on my last post, but my final audit puts the total number of entries at 17 from the 13 people listed above.

Selecting a winner was not easy.  There were a number of contenders vying for my attention, each with their own strengths.  But in the end, I had to choose one winner.

And the winners of the Azeroth Travel Poster contest are…

First Place

Shawndra of Escapist Scrawl with her entry, “Experience the Sen’Jin Isles!”

Experience the Sen'Jin Isles

The combination of an exotic scene with bright, enhanced, and sharpened colors, along with a simple message sold this entry.  When looking at the array of posters, my eye was always drawn to this picture.  And that is exactly what a travel poster should do, capture the eye!

I suppose it is no surprise that the tag line from Shawndra’s blog is “Virtual Vacations from Real Life!”

Shawndra wins a code redeemable for a Celestial Steed mount.  This should be in her mailbox shortly after I post this.

Runner Up

The runner up position goes to Wobegon of the Asylum Guild for his entry, “What Happens at Brewfest!”


Not as eye-catching as the winner, but it still manages to express a sense of place and a feeling of jolly happiness.  It looks like a good time could be had… and it is Brewfest and all.

For runner up, Wobegon wins a companion pet code.

Honorable Mentions

There were a couple of entries that were in contention and which I want to acknowledge for their work and visions.

The first is from Tesh from Tish Tosh Tesh and his entry “Sunrise in the Snow.”

Sunrise in the Snow

If you click on that picture to view it in full size, you will see that Tesh went to great lengths to make a “real” travel posters.  Look at the detail in that border.  The only flaw in his work was failure to pick a screen shot that clicked with the judge.

The second is from Bhagpuss from Inventory Full and his entry, “No Orcs.”

No Orcs

It is a poster for Azeroth at Hadagan Park in of the game Allods Online.  I thought that this approach, placing an Azeroth Travel Poster in another game, was quite ingenious and worthy of special note.

The poster allegedly reads, in Russian:

Visit Stormwind Today
No Orcs by order of Yasker
Visa Required

Per Bhagpuss:

That’s my orc shaman contemplating the unfairness of his lot. Yasker is the Stalin analog of The Empire in Allods.

Honorable mentions get no prize beyond the honor of being mentioned honorably.

Other Entries

That is the contest.  Again, I want to thank everybody who took the time to create an entry.

My plan is to post all of the entries next Sunday and let people tell me who they think should have won.

So look for that next week!

6 thoughts on “Azeroth Travel Poster Contest Winners

  1. Shawndra

    How exciting! I was certain I had no chance at all, but I’m glad you liked my poster :)

    I look forward to seeing all the other entries. Thanks for the chance to show off my favorite area in the game.


  2. bhagpuss

    Glad you liked it!

    Typically after all the time i spent trying to get the angle on that billboard and never getting it quite right, I found another one just outside the city last night that would have worked better.

    And if the Russian doesn’t say what I thought it did you can blame Google Translate. My Russian extends about as far as “Da” and “Niet”.


  3. Solf

    The Russian text probably does mean what you say, except the orcs’ phrase is misspelled/garbled and lacks punctuation in a way that makes me unsure of what the author really intended.

    But “No Orcs by order of Yasker” seems the most reasonable guess at the meaning.

    Hmm, could it have been machine-translated to Russian from English or something? That would explain it.


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