Daily Archives: November 17, 2011

Han Killed Greedo With One Shot

Even in the worst Star Wars fan nightmare, George Lucas would not have Han and Greedo exchange a dozen shots over the table before one of them finally flopped over dead, not having experience any diminished capacity along the way.  Forget about who shot first, that scenario would be the real disaster.

Han going for his blaster

And yet, that is how it would play out in any Star Wars MMO you care to mention.  My experiences this past weekend indicate that the toe to toe, multi-shot blaster fight is, and shall remain, the norm.

Blasting away, two down and I'm barely scratched

Which is seriously making me reconsider my pre-order of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The whole hit points vs. damage dealt routine just feels wrong in a game like this.

I realize that it is equally inaccurate in a fantasy MMORPG, but swords, armor, and magic lead to a much easier suspension of disbelief.  I can easily get past this in Azeroth, Norrath, Telara, or Middle-earth.  But there are six Star Wars movies and about three seasons of related TV out there showing people going down to one blaster shot all the time.

Including, of course, our friend Greedo up there.  As somebody else once quipped, the more important fact was that Han shot well.

For the most part, in the movies, only good guys, and the rare bad guy with one last act of defiance in him, generally survive beyond a single blaster bolt.

So I am trying to decide if playing a game where it takes 3-6 direct blaster hits to kill an NPC, all while taking as many hits yourself, is going to be something I can get past or not.