Daily Archives: November 25, 2011

EVE Online – The Return of Trails

As I posted a while back, one of the things that brings me back to my early days in EVE Online, when the game was fresh and new to me, was the trails streaming back from my Cormorant.

Cormorant Docking - Trails On

But trails were part of the classic graphics and did not make the transition to the upgraded graphics.  When the classic graphics went away with Apocrypha more than two and a half years ago, trails went with them.

Well, it looks like one of the things that might be coming back with next week’s Crucible expansion for EVE Online is trails.

The return of trails

CCP has a dev post up about the trails and why the old ones went away, what it took to make new ones, and how they happened to come together in time for the upcoming expansion.

Not sure that is enough to get me to resubscribe.  But trails, the new nebulae, and potentially a new ship to fly has me thinking about it.  One of the things that has always drawn me to the game is the graphics.  Space is beautiful.

It Is The Same Thing Every Holiday Season…

It wasn’t even Thanksgiving and yet some game already had their Yule rifts up.

Where will I find cranberry tokens now?

Actually, this seems to be part of Rift’s holiday season event, Fae Yule.

Fae Yule - Stay in School

And, as Potshot pointed out during the week, this is really the first Fae Yule, a seasonal event that isn’t the same as last year, because there really was no last year for Rift, having gone live in March.

Not that it seems to be drastically different that other world events.   Sure, it has the Christmas spirit attached to it.

The Queen dresses up her Corgi's like this I hear...

But there is also some sameness.  Close rifts… specific rifts… and collect another special currency.  This time around the currency is “unique snowflakes.”  I think they let SynCaine name it.

And no doubt I will end up with a pile of them sitting in my bank unspent, right next to the magma opals from the last event.

Still, it adds another element of seasonal fun to the game.

No gloom please!

And on top of that, Rift bonuses appear to be in effect for the holiday weekend.

This appears to be an MMO requirement for a weekend when we might have some extra free time, lest we run off to some other game I guess.  SOE has experience bonuses running in EverQuest and EverQuest II, World of Warcraft has their 7 year anniversary bonus going, and even TorilMUD is having a double experience and multiplaying allowed weekend.

Which, all and all, I would prefer to having to go out and shop this weekend.