It Is The Same Thing Every Holiday Season…

It wasn’t even Thanksgiving and yet some game already had their Yule rifts up.

Where will I find cranberry tokens now?

Actually, this seems to be part of Rift’s holiday season event, Fae Yule.

Fae Yule - Stay in School

And, as Potshot pointed out during the week, this is really the first Fae Yule, a seasonal event that isn’t the same as last year, because there really was no last year for Rift, having gone live in March.

Not that it seems to be drastically different that other world events.   Sure, it has the Christmas spirit attached to it.

The Queen dresses up her Corgi's like this I hear...

But there is also some sameness.  Close rifts… specific rifts… and collect another special currency.  This time around the currency is “unique snowflakes.”  I think they let SynCaine name it.

And no doubt I will end up with a pile of them sitting in my bank unspent, right next to the magma opals from the last event.

Still, it adds another element of seasonal fun to the game.

No gloom please!

And on top of that, Rift bonuses appear to be in effect for the holiday weekend.

This appears to be an MMO requirement for a weekend when we might have some extra free time, lest we run off to some other game I guess.  SOE has experience bonuses running in EverQuest and EverQuest II, World of Warcraft has their 7 year anniversary bonus going, and even TorilMUD is having a double experience and multiplaying allowed weekend.

Which, all and all, I would prefer to having to go out and shop this weekend.

7 thoughts on “It Is The Same Thing Every Holiday Season…

  1. flosch

    I always found the holiday season the worst time of year in MMOs that “celebrated” it. It doesn’t mesh very well with a (mostly high) fantasy environment (these days with some steampunk for good measure) in my opinion. Cue endless discussions about immersion…

    Plus, I’ll claim we have too much Christmas merchandise too early as it is already. I’m generally sick of all of it around Christmas eve, which is a bit of a shame. So I’d rather not escape into a virtual world that also comes with all that kind of stuff.

    And if you go out and shop these days, you’re doing it wrong. :D Except for a few things, I’ve been getting all presents for people via mail for years now. Just way too crowded in shops.


  2. Telwyn

    I’d some how missed any build up to the Yule thing in Rift, very weird at first but the quest text is ok and it’s pretty optional anyway.

    I do like the christmas trees with the life-rift tentacles waving on top instead of a fairy though ;-)


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