My God, It’s Full of Stars!

Stars and nebulae and trails… all bright and shiny.

I bit the bullet and opted in for a month of EVE just to see the new look of space.  And it is quite vivid.

(As always, you can click on the pictures to see the full size versions.)

My first undock into Crucible space

Of course, one of the things I mentioned already was the return of trails.

Rifter burning trails in space

One of the really nifty things is that jump gates now point to the star to which they jump you.  The star, obviously closer than most, is the direct target of the jump animation.

Shoot me to the star!

The new nebulae change slowly as you move across regions.  I took my Charon out to haul some stuff for Gaff and got to see things change slowly form system to system.  Somebody spent a lot of time getting this right.

Charon closing in on Jita

I spent a chunk of time just zipping around looking for new views.  I should be able to at least collect some more screen shots for my somewhat neglected site, EVE Online Pictures.

Flying around Amarr space

There are still some other graphical changes I want to check out.  But I am impressed with the visual upgrades so far.

11 thoughts on “My God, It’s Full of Stars!

  1. rcox

    Umm. Its not a trap. Yes, is looks better than before. Yes, it is not ‘accurate’.

    Given that the game has 3 different faster-than-light technologies it is fair to say that it is a science-fiction space game.

    I completely agree that the depiction of celestial objects is not realistic, but that’s not the point. Does it look like your ship is in space? Then good, job done.

    Is it accurate? No. Would greater accuracy (or fidelity, you pick the term) improve the game play? No. It would increase the sense of immersion for those of us that spot the ropes holding up the mirrors, but if anything, it would be a significant detriment to game play.

    Which is more important to the game, the game play or being scientifically correct ?

    The answer is obvious.


  2. Gaff

    Awesome revamp. I expected my client to chug a bit with all the graphics changes, but haven’t noticed any issues.

    And thanks for moving my stuff!


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I often want to put a little poll at the bottom of posts like this to ask, “Did you get the reference that I was going for in the title?”

    For me, it is a gimme, but I do find that movie references that pre-date Star Wars go too far back for some of the younger generation.


  4. Aufero

    @Wilhelm – I assumed that one was so obvious anyone would get it.

    Then I remembered that reference predates the birth of either of my kids by 20 years, which means to them it might as well be in Etruscan.


  5. pkudude99

    @Aufero — Lately I’ve found several people in their mid-late 20’s here at work who haven’t seen Star Wars, Back to the Future, or The Princess Bride. I’ve been edumacating them on the wonders of the classis that came out around the time they were born, or a little before.

    And yeah, I thought the reference in the title was bleeding obvious myself, but then, I’m an old fart of 38 :-P


  6. pkudude99

    Arg, mis-clicked and no edit button. . . .

    Tons of people don’t get why I’m tickled that I sit between Hal and Dave either. Makes me very much a /sadpanda.

    And yes, I really do sit between Hal and Dave — I’m not making that up.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I have made it a point to see that my daughter watches some movies in what has become a standard routine of “Daddy is making us watch this movie.”

    Some times it works out well, as with Back to the Future, The Princess Bride, or Star Wars. Some times it is a little bumpy, as with Bye-Bye Birdie, The King and I, or the Three Stooges.

    I actually have the Kubrick DVD collection, but haven’t gotten around to forcing her to sit and watch Barry Lyndon and Full Metal Jacket yet… or maybe one or two of the others. ;-)


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