In EVE Online a Ship Blows Up Every Six Seconds!

CCP has a new Dev Blog up that reports on the number of ships that have been destroyed in the game.

Things that go Boom!

The count is not complete.  It only goes from the Trinity expansion, which went live on December 5, 2007, though until November 29th, 2011.  But in just that time… well… here is the quote:

In total, 13,540,707 ships or structures were destroyed in this period in PVP, belonging to 1,075,754 characters or corporations. NPCs destroyed 7,559,088 ships belonging to 1,936,205 characters. That makes a total of 21,099,795 ships/structures blown up belonging to 2,251,177 different owners. To be fair a lot of those are rookie ships and such, but either way – that’s a lot of explosions.

From December 5th, 2007 until November 29th, 2011, 1,455 days passed. That’s 2,095,200 minutes. So, if you count everything that generated a kill report, how many things blew up per day/hour/minute on average?
14,502 per day.
604 per hour.
10 per minute (roughly one explosion every six seconds).

The post includes a lot more detail, as is usual for these sorts of things from CCP, pointing out where ships blow up, what kind of ships are blown up, which ones NPCs kill, which ones players kill, and so on.

Lots of fun.  Go check it out here.

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