PLEX – Available in Bulk Lots

I got a pop-up from CCP that they were having a sale on PLEX, the 30 Day Pilot License Extensions that are essentially 30 day units of game time you can buy or sell with the in-game currency ISK.

PLEX - On Sale Now!

I was interested to see what constituted a “sale” price.  PLEX is generally prices at a point that you would never buy it for yourself to keep your subscription… unless you were paying in ISK.  So I went to the account management page where these things are bought and sold.

The PLEX Store

As I suspected, the PLEX prices were not all that special.  $17.49 for 30 days of a game that is $14.99 a month when you pay directly.  Not a deal, even if you can get it down to $16.50 a month by buying a batch of six.

PLEX Special Pricing

The surprising bit for me was the ability to buy PLEX in lots of 28 (or 30 with the special offer).

That must be the empire builder’s package.  30 PLEX can be turned into more than 12 billion ISK, with patience, which seems like a lot of in game currency for me.

But then a titan runs a lot more than that.

Still, you don’t put that option on the “Buy Now” list unless somebody is using it, so somebody out there is buying a lot of PLEX.

6 thoughts on “PLEX – Available in Bulk Lots

  1. Stabs

    I think historically the large plex bundle has been bought by mothership/titan players (at least that’s what I’ve gleaned anecdotally from forum gossip). I wonder if the supercap nerf is hurting plex sales.


  2. SynCaine

    PLEX prices have gone up, not down, of late. Lots of bittervets returning who have a lot of ISK, and need PLEX to reactivate their 2nd or 10th account.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Oh yeah, the price has more than doubled since PLEX was launched. It was about 200 million ISK per when it came out. A year ago, when I was doing the EVE screen shot contest I paid 300 million per for the ISK for the winners. I quoted it around 400 million when Incarna came out. Since then it has been creeping up towards 430 million per.

    I actually cannot figure out why it has gone up so much. There certainly seems to be no lack of PLEX for sale and it is one of the few items you can buy and use remotely. You can have an alt buy it in Jita, transfer it to your main, and your main can use it from 0.0.

    There must be strong demand for it in the game. A lot of people must be paying for their time with ISK.

    @Rhavas – Well, it is a sale in that they cost a bit less than before. Nobody is buying PLEX directly to use on their own account. It is purely a matter of translating it into ISK or, for the occasionally odd-ball, converting it into that item shop currency.

    @Callan – Yes, this is an ISK item shop, sort of. But they also have a real item shop with cosmetic items you can put on your character that nobody else can see. The Nobel Exchange.


  4. Gaff

    For some reason, I thought that PLEX was the one item that CCP said they would directly manipulate on the market. Could it be that they are responsible for the price creep?


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