Three Generations of the Caldari Navy Issue Raven

With the Crucible Expansion, nebulae were not the only things to get graphic updates.  The trusty Raven, and its navy issue counterpart, both got cosmetic makeovers.

EVE Online history goes back to 2003.

This will be the third “look” for the Raven since I started playing the game.

Way back before the Trinity expansion, when premium graphics were introduced, the Caldari Raven Navy Issue looked like this.

Raven Navy Issue - Classic Graphics

Then with the Trinity expansion Premium graphics became an option, with classic graphics going away completely with the Apocrypha expansion.  At that point the Caldari Raven Navy Issue looked like this.

Raven Navy Issue - Premium Graphics

Now with the Crucible expansion, there is again a new look for the Caldari Raven Navy Issue.

Raven Navy Issue - Crucible Graphics

I think all three of those pictures were taken in the same station, though probably on different computers with different graphic settings.  But they are all the same ship, since I have had only one Raven Navy Issue.

Now the question is, which one looks best?

The original looks a bit awkward to me.  But a lot of the classic graphics models… especially the early ones… have that awkward feel to them.

I like the middle version, though I am not sure how practical what looks to be a jungle camo pattern really is in space.

And then there is the new, Crucible version.  The camo pattern is certainly more space themed, but it doesn’t seem to do the ship many favors when it comes to beauty.

Which do you like?

12 thoughts on “Three Generations of the Caldari Navy Issue Raven

  1. Knug Lidi

    would have been better to have compared the base raven in 3 generations, as I have never like/agreed with the concept of any kind of camo on EVE ships.

    The 3rd generation ship model and base textures are fantastic, its a pitty CCP decided to use such a horrible camo scheme on the new CNR (or RNI as it is now)


  2. nelsonminar

    The Raven (stock, not Navy) was my first ever battleship. I loved that Raven. It got trapped in Esoteria when BoB rolled over ASCN many, many years ago. It’s probably still there in the hangar, waiting for me to renew.

    I’ve never understood why the Raven had so many pointy antenna sticking forward. It doesn’t look much like a missile boat.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Knug Lidi – I would have done the base Raven, but I only had pictures of the CNR in like locations.

    @nelsonminar – I always wondered why they stuck the pod receptacle way out in front. It seems awfully exposed out there. Or maybe that is just a big sensor array?


  4. SynCaine

    Man that first pict looks like a WoW screen-shot with the washed-out textures. Glad one game has solved the impossible task of keeping up over the years.

    I like the 3rd, and not just because I fly it now. I think the little changes and fixes to the model go a long way.


  5. bhagpuss

    They all look pretty much the same to me. They are all spaceships and they are all the same shape. Obviously I can tell them apart because they are different colors. If I had to choose one as “best looking” it would be the first one, which looks rather like the old Chris Fosse illustrations that seemed to be on the cover of every SF paperback in the 1970s.

    There’s a reason I’ve never tried EVE and it has nothing to do with the scary PvP part…


  6. Aufero

    @TheRemedy – Surely you like everyone’s favorite Caldari design, the Drake? Where else can you find a spaceship that looks like someone stomped on a beer can?

    But yes, I like the new CNR design marginally better. If you’ve got to go camo, (which is a bizarre idea for a spaceship) at least go with black camo.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well, as the joke goes, most Caldari ships are designed by two different teams. On does the left half of the ship, the other does the right, and the two teams have no cross communication whatsoever.

    There are exceptions, of course, like the aforementioned Drake, the Cormorant which was inspired by an ice scraper, and the Rokh which came about after a designer spent too long staring at his stapler.

    Anyway, this is asking for a relative assessment, not an absolute preference, so if you have to view it as “which would I be least annoyed at scraping off my shoe?” then so be it.


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