EverQuest II Live and Extended, Merged and Down Together Now

The great merger of the two halves of EverQuest II, the Live side and the Extended side, appears to be off for the moment.

The new patcher seemed to load up and download fine.

New Patcher Updating

The game launched with the great big Freeport Reborn splash screen.

I'll bet money the Qeynos update won't get a splash screen

And then, well… everything was locked.

Locked across the board...

And while it is too early to panic, you can color me concerned that the original versions of characters I copied over to Freeport appear to be missing from the list… and that despite all promises, and the fact that I deleted a few characters just to be sure, I am showing up with not enough character slots.

Oh, and the launcher keeps running even after the game comes us.  Is it supposed to be like that?

Anyway, there was an update on Facebook… because the EQII site appears to be down with the game…

We have just evaluated the status of the current update and have come to the conclusion that we can either unlock servers and risk broken content, or ensure that we provide the best experience possible and delay the update to tomorrow morning.

We have to do it RIGHT. For all of you and for all of us.

So please, bear with us, relax overnight, and let us sortie into the new day together. Community will be in office at 7:00am PST and will immediately review status and give you all an update. We are aiming for morning and working as hard as we possibly can.

Yer faithful Dwarf,

So better luck tomorrow night I hope.  Have to remember to check the server status page first next time.

Addendum: The CTO at SOE, Rich Lawrence, has some details about what went awry.

13 thoughts on “EverQuest II Live and Extended, Merged and Down Together Now

  1. Carson

    Hmm.. I had an EQ2 account that I played for a couple of months, years ago. Long before EQ2X. I wonder if I could track it down and find my character that has been idle all this time.


  2. Stabs

    After a year of playing in the ghetto it’s nice to be allowed to play with the grown up EQ2 players again. I can forgive them the teething troubles.


  3. mutharex



    A final update this evening… Smed would like us to share that with the Platform Team working all night to complete the maintenance, we expect to be up at 10:00am PST.

    Again, the Community Team will be in at 7:00am and will get you a status update.

    Thank you, once more, for hanging in there with us. We are honored and appreciate your support of our efforts to make Norrath more enjoyable for all!



  4. stargrace

    Just as a heads up, even though yesterday it showed me as having characters locked (due to EQ2 and EQ2X merging and a lack of slots) this morning now that maintenance is done, they are not locked. So you should no longer have the character issue mentioned above. :)


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Stargrace – Will have to check tonight. Things can be odd when servers are locked. I have been missing characters in the past when things were locked, so I only set the threat level to:

    CHARTRUSE – Concerned and watchful

    Of course, now the server status page is down. Fun fun!


  6. Carson

    Meh, I found my old EQ2 account. Can’t remember the password, can’t reset it without answering a secret question which is so unspecific that I don’t know what answer I gave five years ago, can’t do anything without making an international phone call basically. Guess that character will remain idle forever.


  7. forseti

    I only saw my “Live” characters. :(

    Deleted them, and still me Extended characters are missing, I am not planning on starting a new character from scratch especially having wasted some SC on one of those characters, ya know?!

    Soe has been pissing me off for a while now, might be time to say “last straw” and walk away.

    Damn them and the golden path or w/e. D:<


  8. bhagpuss

    When the servers unlocked all our four accounts, Access and Silver, had the correct number of characters and all were available to play.

    Overall I think this is one of the smoothest launches I’ve seen from SoE. Usually they would have panicked once they were 50% over the estimated downtime, the servers would have unlocked, there would have been multiple game-breaking bugs and then the servers would have been up and down for days.

    This time they held their nerve and waited til the really problematic stuff was fixed. Once the game was up most things worked and what didn’t seems to be getting fixed fast without the servers ping-ponging. The message from the CTO was well-judged and largely well-received.

    People have been telling SoE for years that if only they would communicate meaningfully and frequently, with explanations and apologies as appropriate most players would be a lot more patient with them. For once they seem to have listened. I hope it’s the start of a trend.


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