The Wait is Over… For Some…

A bunch of very happy people got this message in their email.  They can start playing Star Wars: The Old Republic today.  A list of servers await them, or one server if their guild has been assigned.

Early Access Invite

I hope nobody missed out because they sent one to me.  Sorry!

And, on a tangential note, I hope EA and BioWare have a lot of authenticators lined up to sell and can get them in the EA store soon.  Judging from my Google traffic, a lot of people want one.  SWTOR authenticator, and variations thereof, lead my search engine traffic by a wide margin.

7 thoughts on “The Wait is Over… For Some…

  1. Darraxus

    I havent gotten the invite today, but my friends did, which is kind of annoying since we plan on playing together. I was really looking forward to the game until I played the beta. Now I am still looking forward to playing, but not as much as I once was.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I suppose I could actually download the client, log in, and create a character to secure my name. Not that I have a Star Wars name I am sold on.

    My pre-order was cancelled (by me) but I had already entered the code, so I get early access but can’t/won’t play once the game goes live… at least not until we’re done with Rift I would guess.

    No wonder they declined to allow a grace period, what with people like me about.


  3. pkudude99

    I still haven’t received an email invite, but I logged in about 5 hours ago and reserved some names. They’re just names I re-used from other games, not necessarily “Star Wars” names, but if I want them, I’ve got them.


  4. HarbingerZero

    In yet another BW fail, it was announced that you didn’t have to wait for the email, you could log in immediately without it. I say fail because this was “announced” on Stephen Reid’s personal twitter account. Not the first time they’ve pulled something like that either.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @HZ – Heh, yeah, I saw somebody mention that they had been able to log in before they had received an email. Too much fun on the big first day. I see they already have more than 100 servers listed for just North America. I wonder where that number will peak.


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