Experience to Come Quicker on Fippy Darkpaw and Something About SWG

There was an announcement over at the EQ Players site, which I will quote in whole both because it is short and because the URLs for such news items seem to change when they go from being in the current month to the archive of pasts months.  It is like SOE is still figuring out this whole “world wide web” thing.

Anyway, the quote, with a link to the forum post about it:

Experience Changes on the Time Locked Progression Servers with the 12/14 Patch

One of the most fiercely debated topics in the history of the current round of Time Locked Progression Servers has been the rate of experience gain that people on the Time Locked Progression servers achieve. During the early phases of the Time Locked Progression Servers, experience gain was severely curtailed to give a closer experience of what playing EverQuest was like in the early days.

As time has progressed and the servers have also, it became time for the Development Team to re-evaluate the rate of experience gain on these servers. After much thought and a significant amount of internal discussion, the Dev team has decided to raise the amount of experience gained on the TLPs. While this rate is still significantly slower than it is on the majority of normal servers, it is a noticeable increase from where the servers started out.

We look forward to seeing your reaction for the changes and hope you enjoy them!

This was alluded to before in the “why is my AA experience so damn slow” thread on the forums, but now there is an official date… which is today.  It is live already.

The announcement includes what might be one of the more transparent lies I have read this week, the idea that anybody is looking forward to the reaction.

Okay, I am looking forward to the reaction, but Peistro couldn’t have possibly known that when he wrote it, unless he too seeks to be an agent of discord and chaos in the world.

The first actual reaction was, as expected, about AA experience.  One of the complaints previously was that AA experience was accruing at drastically different rates for different races/classes.  Apparently it still works that way.

And in a complete digression into the Star Wars Galaxies forum, what has to be one of the more annoying and/or ironic posts in the thread “Where will your grave be?” (i.e. where will you be character be located when the server goes down), Yoyomike, who has 649 posts and a Princess Leia forum avatar, felt the need to remind the thread that the whole thing was “just a game.”

Thanks, I’m sure everybody appreciated that.

No link, since the forums will probably go away soon in any case.

Meanwhile, the best answer, as pointed out by Werit, came from Fishhook445:

No grave for my character, due to a hyperdrive malfunction when he goes into hyperspace in his YT-2400 he is going to be sent back in time to the TOR era. Which is where his story starts, and i’ll have the smuggler for that game so it’ll be as if I never lost him to begin with and only transfered him over to TOR.

Good on you Fishhook.  Always look on the bright side of life.

Oh, and a bunch of players got banned in EverQuest.

2 thoughts on “Experience to Come Quicker on Fippy Darkpaw and Something About SWG

  1. bhagpuss

    I might try and log in for the end of SWG. Not sure how the timing works for GMT.

    One of the most memorable sessions I ever played was the end of EQ2 Beta. There was a huge party at the Claymore in Antonica, of which I have many screenshots, but when it came to the very end of the world I chose to go back to my Inn room in Baubleshire and wait for it quietly with my cat.

    As far as I’m concerned my Templar still lives there in quiet retirement.


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