In Which I Fill Out Forms, Then Kill Myself

Gaff has been telling me I should come to 0.0 space in EVE Online for a while.

Lacking any real motivation to pick up where I left off with any of the Empire space activities, this time around I said sure.

He went off and figured out the easiest way to get me out into null sec space, which first involved joining his corp.  That seemed to be no issue with his personal endorsement.  My interview with the corp CEO basically amounted to him asking if I knew what I was getting myself into, me saying “Not at all!” and then Gaff saying he’d hold my hand until my head stopped spinning.

Then there was some work on my part transferring the CEO position of the Twilight Cadre to an alt, which took me a while to figure out. (Forgot you need to have actual skills for that!)  Then I applied for membership in the his corp, waited 14 hours for my past roles and the like to get removed, and then I was in.

In, and ready to fill out forms, download software, get an API key with the correct data set, and so on.  Gaff’s corp is in an alliance that is allied with the Goons, so security is a priority.  Corps with security issues find themselves in trouble and sometimes… I think this is the right word… “commissared.”

Then I moved into one of my jump clones without implants, moved my medical clone to one of the stations in their zone of control, and self-destructed.

Self Destruct Count Down

My death transported me to my clone in 0.0 space.

I was also handed a shiny new Ibis by the Secure Commerce Commission, the insurance people.  Handy in 0.0, I am sure.

And so I am in wilds of null sec, which I am told is both much safer and much more dangerous than empire.

I have seen my first player owned station.

I'm the tiny little Ibis in the middle...

My map of visited systems will soon have some new entries… I hope.

Where I had been up to this point...

New adventures await.  We’ll see if I survive in 0.0 space or come home crying carebear tears.

Anyway, I have a billion ISK, 70 million skill points, I am in null sec, it is dark, and I am wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.

14 thoughts on “In Which I Fill Out Forms, Then Kill Myself

  1. pkudude99

    When I went to null I had about 1.2 billion isk and 50-ish million SP. I did just fine out there, and I’m sure you will also. Being allied with the Goons isn’t all bad — they do a TON of ops, so if you want some fleet action, it’s there for the taking. And if not, there’s always a bunch of other things to do.

    Fly safe!


  2. Latrodanes

    Good luck out there. I will be watching your comments closely. If (bah, when) I return to Eve, I will only do so to get out into nullsec. despite piddling around in null/low-sec for a short stint, I made the mistake of spending far too much time in high-sec during my first three years.


  3. NoAstronomer

    Perhaps you could explain for the EVE unitiated and those who toyed around with it for a month or so (me) why you need to download software and a key to join a corp?



  4. Gaff

    @NoAstronomer–metagaming. You have to join several voice servers, broadcast software, forums, etc. All require verification that you are in a particular corp/alliance for access.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @NoAstro – What he said. In more detail, EVE has a thing called an API key that lets you get information about your character remotely. Most people are introduced to that via EVE Mon.

    You have to provide such a key (and boy has that key and its options gotten complicated since I first got a copy of EVE Mon five years ago) as part of the registration process to get onto our forums, the goon forums, the goon wiki, as well as to get logins for our voice server (which requires TeamSpeak 3), the Goon’s voice server (which requires Mumble), and the IM network which requires a Jabber compatible client.

    So I have access to all that now, but it took part of the afternoon to go through all the instructions and get installed and working.

    This is all because of the meta game, the spies and like we read about, so corps have to be careful with whom they let in. I got in very quickly because I got a personal reference from Gaff.

    @Rothmog – TNT Alliance, allied with the Goons. I actually have a Something Awful account and have had it for several years, but I have never been active with it.

    I have mad Drake skills, so Gaff gave me a PvP Drake (thanks again) and I bought and fitted a ratting Drake which I have already been out with. But more on that later I suppose.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    My character name in EVE is Wilhelm Arcturus, just like my handle here. I am being a bit close to the vest with information just because I want to be careful and not divulge anything I should not. I’ll get better at that as time goes on.


  7. Serpentine Logic

    The main reason that all the third-party software is linked to API key is not for spies (it’s easy to get into any nullsec alliance and this is taken into account) but to reduce the organisational overhead of managing people joining and leaving the alliance.

    Within minutes of you leaving (or being kicked from) the alliance, your API key will notify the goon auth server and you will be denied access to mumble etc.


  8. pkudude99

    TNT, eh? I was in TNT too. I’m sure I’ve been booted for inactivity by now, though. I was SKyforger corp when I was there. We might have bumped into each other were I still playing EVE.

    Good folks in TNT. I hope you have a ton of fun!


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