Lord British Now Expressing Fondness for the Mayans

Just filling in his dossier for future generations here.

Seems he pays attention to the Maya Calendar among other things.

I hesitate to ask what a “fitting” celebration involves.

Did they do human sacrifice as well, or was that just the Aztecs?

For me, buying them a new calendar, maybe something with nicer pictures, would seem sufficient.

Oh, and his documentary premiers soon.

I do want to see it, though I wonder if the focus will be too much on him.

4 thoughts on “Lord British Now Expressing Fondness for the Mayans

  1. saucelah

    I, quite honestly, think you should dedicate an entire blog to following Garriott’s stranger interviews and tweets and the like.

    Perhaps call it The Madness of Dr. Spaceman


  2. AftermathJonathan

    Somehow I was also picturing human sacrifices as well… then it dawned on me what I was picturing was just like the intro to Ultima 6, with some poor guy tied to a stone slab and a gargoyle about to stab him.
    Then my eyes grew even wider, a whispered a quiet “Oh nooooo… Garriot, you wouldn’t…”, and then immediately had to force the entire thing from my mind in horror.

    He wouldn’t…. right…?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    You know, I didn’t start off to document him. A couple of months ago I wrote a post about people making fun of him. Then, of course, he started talking about all sorts of things, inviting me into the game.

    I totally own the Lord British tag at wordpress.com at the moment.

    And I think “The Madness of Lord British” would probably work best.


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