Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Twelve Questions for 2012

2012 is now upon us, a new year with new possibilities, a time for fresh optimism.

With the new year comes the time for looking forward and predicting what will come to pass.  And we seem to have so many predictions this year.  I am not sure if this is driven by a bright outlook for 2012, a foreboding that we know what is coming, or, like the team at Massively, and editor that made you do it. (They are even trolling for predictions over at Massively.  Must be some new AOL directive along the lines of “sites must increase outrageous predictions by 37%.”).)

Anyway, the prediction list includes Keen, Spinks, Eliot, Beau, Bree, BrendanJef, Jeremy, Justin, Shawn, Green Armadillo, Heartless_, Gazimoff, Stanziel, MMOCrunch, and probably many more I missed, but I will try to fill those in as I spot them.

However, this year I do not seem to have any predictions… or demands… in me.

This year I can only come up with questions.  So here, after the cut, are the twelve questions I have for 2012.

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