Starfleet Dental Presents: Pop Muzik

I am having one of those Sunday afternoons where I am watching YouTube videos about games rather than actually playing games.

Gaff sent me this and my daughter saw it.  Now she keeps asking me about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This video was posted towards the end of beta before we knew dance moves were both cool emotes and effective combat techniques.

(More about the /getdown exploit.)

6 thoughts on “Starfleet Dental Presents: Pop Muzik

  1. saucelah

    I’ve long since realized I sometimes miss your attempts at humor, so I apologize if this is unnecessary: do you know that they’re not actually banning for /getdown?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    No, that wasn’t humor, just poor reading comprehension on my part. I went looking for articles about the /getdown exploit, and the one I linked was titled “Exploit it, Lock it, Pop it, Ban it,” from which I assumed banning was a potential punishment. It would have helped if I had read the whole post.

    Post updated.


  3. SynCaine

    First, I think it’s pretty unfair of you Willhelm to poke fun at such a hard-to-detect bug in an indie title like SW. Kicking a man down and all that.

    Second, SW combat is 100% more ridiculous than even I imagined. I’m assuming the video in the linked article is a fight with an elite mob, right? Or does everyone in SW:TOR not only take 100 blasters to the face, but also a few grenades and rockets?


  4. saucelah

    I didn’t watch that vid, but I have now.

    It seems particularly ridiculous when you consider Bioware’s claim that on the rails space combat is more appropriate in the Star Wars universe because it is more cinematic.

    What is cinematic about surviving 100 blasts to the face? Feels quite the opposite to me.


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