Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

EverQuest II Gives You Wings…

Or how I got my marketing plan off the back of a can of Red Bull.

The latest flying mount to be introduced to EverQuest II consists of a pair of wings on your back.

Flying Iksar… and Ratonga… enough to give you nightmares.  And if what I saw was right, Fae and Arasai lose their regular wings when they put these wings on?  Odd.

Here Raph Koster just posted about the free to play business model and we now have a perfect example of more whale food.

Some people will just have to have a pair of wings today, while others groan in despair.

Remember, those who buy the wings are helping fund the game!

Best response so far:

What about you?  Would you like a pair of wings with your free to play?

Massively even has an amusing question about the EQII wing thing.

A Brush with Somebodys 15 Minutes…

I suppose all I can really say is that I know this guy.

This is Mark.  Our wives are pals, which means I occasionally see him at a child’s birthday party or when he is really stuck for somebody to help him with a computer issue.

He just won the Vicks NyQuil Most Dedicated Fan contest.

Mark's Moment of Glory

Mark is a very dedicated San Francisco 49ers fan.  He has season tickets.  He travels to an away games now and again.  He even went to the exhibition game the team played in the UK a couple years back.

He is really, really into football.  Read his contest page.

And he is my go-to guy when I need to demonstrate that my online gaming and blogging hobby is, if not normal, at least relatively inexpensive.  Season tickets to the 49ers cost more than I spent on games and computer hardware in the last five years.

And I almost never paint my body the colors of any in-game faction and the extent of my gaming apparel is limited to a Meridian 59 T-shirt and that Warp Drive Active polo shirt I won ages ago, which I almost never wear because the comic on the front gets a disturbing 3D effect when laid over my somewhat expanded middle-age waistline.

But today is Mark’s day.  All that dedication and painting his body red has paid off.

He won the Most Dedicated Fan contest, which means he gets an all expenses paid trip to the Superbowl, a loaded VISA gift card with which to do some shopping, and a bunch of other swag I am sure.

And the 49ers even have a shot at being in the game.  How lucky can you get?

How can my hobby even begin to match that?

The closest I can come up with is getting elected to the EVE Council of Stellar Management for a free trip to Iceland.

I hear Reykjavík is nicer than Indianapolis… at least during the months where there is daylight.