EverQuest II Gives You Wings…

Or how I got my marketing plan off the back of a can of Red Bull.

The latest flying mount to be introduced to EverQuest II consists of a pair of wings on your back.

Flying Iksar… and Ratonga… enough to give you nightmares.  And if what I saw was right, Fae and Arasai lose their regular wings when they put these wings on?  Odd.

Here Raph Koster just posted about the free to play business model and we now have a perfect example of more whale food.

Some people will just have to have a pair of wings today, while others groan in despair.

Remember, those who buy the wings are helping fund the game!

Best response so far:

What about you?  Would you like a pair of wings with your free to play?

Massively even has an amusing question about the EQII wing thing.

7 thoughts on “EverQuest II Gives You Wings…

  1. bhagpuss

    I think they’re great. Saw some people in the bank with them and they looked very good. Not seen anyone flying with them yet.

    Not sure I follow the “to hell with making sense” thing. It’s just magic, isn’t it? Makes as much sense as almost anything else to do with flight here ever did. After all, you can cross Zek by being fired from a catapult or get into the Moors of Ykesha by being sealed into a barrel and shot out of a cannon into a tiny net flat against a rock.

    Aerodynamics, mass and inertia clearly work differently on Norrath, if they even exist.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I must admit indifference, and was just amused to see a strong negative reaction.

    On the other hand, I do sort of get where that statement is coming from. There was a great interview with John Cleese where he spoke of the need for internal consistency in sketch comedy. You could be as zany as you like, people standing in trash bins wearing fright wigs and discussing Belize in high pitched voices, but the moment you introduce something that does not conform, you have to explain why or you’ll lose people.

    Likewise, EQ2 has had an internal consistency with flying. Some races have wings, but cannot really fly. Flying requires a special mount or you had to be that $60 vampire race.

    And then, suddenly, SOE says you can have wings and just fly. Here are wings for your ogre, and a replacement set of wings for your arasai. They have changed the internal consistency of the game (again) but have not bothered to supply a lore reason or other mental patch to explain the update.

    It is just, “Hey look! Wings! Give us money and you can have some!”

    When you do that, some portion of the audience is always going to go “WTF?”


  3. coppertopper

    The gliding mechanic is so fun (and convenient) with the Fae that I couod never play any other class. Don’t know if these wings work the same or if they function like the flying mounts, which would be a deal breaker for me personally.


  4. HarbingerZero

    The idea of internal mythological cohesion, which I believe is the “making sense” referenced above, went out the door with the entrance of fairies into the world, period.

    So, yes, we’ve known for awhile now that Sony’s policy with EQ2 was exactly that: give them what they are willing to pay for.


  5. XyzzySqrl

    I don’t get it. My Sarnak’s had wings for like a year or so, maybe more. Got ’em in a pack of cards.

    What’s the big deal?


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