Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

The Annual LEGO Minifigure Round Up

As happened last year, the new year seemed to be about the right time to try and round up all our LEGO minifigures and put them back into their original configuration.

That first means finding them all… and all their various parts.  That gets tougher every year.

Laying out the minifigures

I tend to leave the minifigures in their initial forms.  My daughter and a few of her friends however, like to take them apart to mix and match.  And then loose pieces go missing, largely thanks to one of our cats who also loves LEGO.

Still, I think I got a lot of them back together.

Indiana Jones minifigures

Star Wars minifigures

Harry Potter, Speed Racer, and more...

So they are… mostly… back together and into their various storage drawers waiting to be taken out and rearranged again over the course of the year.