If Propaganda Could Win the War, The Goons Would Prevail Tomorrow

But this is EVE Online, so we will have to do it with a huge blob of ships.

Yes, there was a lull for a bit in Deklein.

I spent the last week or so training up skills so that I might be able to do more than fly and wave with my alpha fleet ships.  I think I can actually shoot the guns on my tech II fit welp fleet Hurricane now.  There was a corp day where taxes were set to 100% and we all went out and ratted or mined to help the corp financial situation.  And, frankly, I spent most of my gaming time over the week playing Rift.

Our corner of null sec seemed settled. (Map from the usual source.)

The Calm in Deklein and Branch

The biggest change for us was that TNT’s tiny spot on the map changed from purple to magenta.

But this appears to be truly a lull, a bit of phoney war between engagements. The war is not over.  Jabber is lighting up calling the faithful for operations.  Alpha fleets are forming up and I have to get my Maelstrom ready again.

And the latest post from Endie, the Goonswarm minister of propaganda has been made public.  This is totally worth reading for a look at the situation from the Deklein Coalition side of things.  Titled GoonSwarm Alliance Update – Vernichtungskrieg: War of Extermination, it opens up with a bit of history.

Once every year, on average, someone tries to destroy Goonswarm. In 2006 it was Lotka Volterra and in 2007 it was Band of Brothers. In 2008 and 2009 it was BoB in various guises, Against All Authorities, Atlas and Red Overlord. In 2010 it was, well, Goonswarm. In 2011 it was basically everyone in the Assault on Precinct VFK. Now, this year’s attack has come a little early.

And then it goes on to mock our foes, their tactics, machinations and motivations.  It is humorous though perhaps not suitable for all ages.

Secret Raiden Plan Revealed

But the report wraps up with a call to arms for the Goons and their allies.  A call to have alpha fleet ships positioned.  A call to be ready to convoy back through the trail of tears if you get popped so we can continue to bring the fight to the enemy.

So far the only report I have seen is that we managed to take down a Nyx.  This happened while I was at work, as usual.  But there is already a video of the kill up on YouTube. [Addendum: Battle summary here.]

Hopefully I can get on and get into a fleet some time this weekend.

Meanwhile, I suspect that Hulkageddon V will be further delayed.

Now where did I leave that Maelstrom?

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