January in Review

The Site

After five years, I updated the About page for the blog.

The primary improvements, a relative term on the best of days, were removing my picture and rewriting the whole thing up as something mildly resembling a FAQ, despite the fact that none of the questions listed have ever been asked with any frequency whatsoever.  Still, one less picture of me, so a win for the internet!

And the whole thing does give some sort of outline to the philosophy behind this blog.  Read it at your peril, and remember that any promise of candy is likely to be a lie.

Then, due to an RSS feed misfire, my very first post on the blog… a “Welcome” message which coincidentally also attempted to establish some sort of blogging philosophy, though it was clearly in a much more primitive state at that point… received more views this month than it had during the entire history of the blog so far.

So for all of you who missed it five years ago, welcome.

And finally, I’d just like to say that I think the special iPad format that WordPress.com has looks pretty neat.

iPad version of TAGN

Of course, since it is graphically focused, my urge to make sure every post has at least one picture has been reinforced.

One Year Ago

Eschewing the predicting convention, I issued demands for 2011.

The blog was listed at a Vietnamese gaming site in a top 10 post that looked suspiciously like one from Massively.

TERA was trying to win notice by telling people how they had boars in their game!  BOARS!  Can you imagine?

EuroGamer tried to tell us PlanetSide 2 would be out by Q2 2011.

It was time to start messing with the then new EVE Online character creator.

DC Universe Online launched.  I played in the beta just long enough to remind myself I am not a superhero kind of guy.

I used Google to tell me World of Warcraft’s five most pressing issues at the time.

Meanwhile, the Twilight Cadre was back in Azeroth in force and checking out Cataclysm.  We got our first guild achievement.  Our group of new characters, four worgen and a gnome, went through Westfall and all its phasing magic, wailed in the Wailing Caverns, before settling down to a pattern of doing three instances every Saturday night.  I wasn’t sure if we had skilled up a lot or if the game had been dumbed down that much, but clearly the 1-60 game in Cataclysm was proving to be not much of a challenge.

There was some cool stuff in Cataclysm.  I like the balloons.  Redridge, never one of my favorite places, got turned into a fun solo experience.  And there was the Murloc combat ability.  But otherwise, the game was starting to lose us.

And, finally, Pokemon was coming to town.

Five Years Ago

The MMO blogesphere starting talking about generations of MMOs, and I asked if we had even gotten past the first generation, then quoted Wikipedia’s takeon the generation debate.

The instance group finished up the Scarlet Monestary and rolled through Razorfen Downs.

Blintz, my swashbuckler in EQ2 was just digging into Zek, The Orcish Wastes, one of my favorite zones in post-cataclysm Norrath.

Scott Hartsman described some of the goals for the EverQuest II expansion that would eventually become The Rise of Kunark.

I played in some of the Vanguard open beta, once I got it downloaded, but when the game actually launched, I declined to buy the box.

And, finally, Blizzard launched the Burning Crusade without the usual first day disasters that tend to accompany an expansion, though I couldn’t figure out why I was bothering to buy a copy.

New Linking Sites

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Please take a moment to visit them in return.

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Spam Comment of the Month

Everybody is jumping on the SWTOR bandwagon!  I got a burst of such comments a couple weeks back.

SWTOR Secrets is the first true strategy guide written for SWTOR, making it a massive opportunity for anyone interested in getting into the gaming niche. And because this guide is so unique and has so little competition, traffic will surge into your landing pages, eagerly eating up whatever content you provide. Conversion rates are through the roof right now, meaning you do less work and make more money for your time.Enjoy!!!

EVE Online

After an eventful December in which I first ventured into 0.0 space, January has been kind of quiet.  The war in Branch hit a lull and I spent most of my time worried about skills and ratting in my Tengu.  Of course, just as I have been closing in on my final Maelstrom skills, the word was passed down that those with the right skills should fly a Drake.  Well, that was where I started.

And now the war is back on.  The corp has declared war time rules again, which amount to “knock off that carebear crap when fleet ops are active!”  Maybe, just maybe, I can get on the kill boards for something other than structures, in a Drake or not.


I have been playing a whole lot of Rift.  I post regularly about the instance group, but that is generally one night a week plus maybe a little bit of prep.  I have to find some time to write about what I have been doing with the other 75% of the time I have been spending in Telara.

But, as a whole, I am pretty happy with Rift for now.

Star Trek Online

It went free to play and do I care?  I am a lifetime subscriber.  Maybe not.  I keep the game patched up, but I do not play.  I did actually log in after it went free to play, just to see where I stood.  I have 1040 Cryptic bucks, or whatever their currency is called, and so many changes since I last logged in that I probably need to start over.  We’ll see.

World of Warcraft

Hrmm… I hit level 85 and haven’t done much since.

Coming Up

I think I summed up my to do list above.  Post about new null sec adventures in EVE (if any), write up something about all the non-instance group stuff I have done in Rift, and figure out where I stand with Star Trek Online and World of Warcraft.

Other than that, maybe something about iPad games and the PS3 and… oh, I don’t know… baseball movies.  We just saw Moneyball and spring training is coming up.  Or maybe not.

8 thoughts on “January in Review

  1. The Alien

    Tengu, Tengu, Tengu. Why does everyone have that ship? I have yet to locate a really solid explanation of why a particular strategic cruiser is better than the others.

    Whenever I read Eve blogs, I get the sinking feeling that all my time spent training up drone skills was somehow wasted… I was idle for a long time, so I’m sort of fuzzy on what a lot of the changes were while I was gone.

    Heh. Though years later, I’m still in an NPC corp. Maybe I never understood what was going on.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @The Alien – Well, in my case, it was the upgrade from the Drake. A semi-optimally fit Tengu hits harder, moves faster, and tanks better (active tank) than my tech II fit Drake. This is with me having level V skills in all of the Drake related but only most of the Tengu related skills.

    The flip side is that a lavish tech II Drake runs maybe 60 million ISK while my less than optimal but still good Tengu tips the scales at over 600 million ISK.


  3. Gaff

    The solid explanation is it hits harder and faster than the other tech 3 ships, therefore is a faster isk making machine.


  4. bluelinebasher

    @The Alien – Drone skills are a great investment for mission running. Be sure to check into ship bonuses. Gallente usually has the best drone boosts…unless things have changed since I’ve been away…


  5. pkudude99

    @The Alien — Of the T3 cruisers, the Tengu has the best balance of good dps, good speed, and an amazing tank, so it’s a good all-arounder. No real weaknesses (unless you can drain its cap since it is active tanked, but that’s true of any active tanked ship, not just Tengus). Plus if you’ve got Drake skills then you’ve also got Tengu skills. Legion is considered to suck all around. Proteus can do awesome dps but is a glass cannon and is slow. Loki is also well regarded, but while it’s fast and has a good punch, it’s not got that great a tank if it gets webbed.

    As TAGN said also — a “pimped” Drake is about 60 million. My mission-running Tengu I had was close to 2 billion. . . . Of course, this was back when a T3 cost about 600 million for the 5 pieces you needed for it. They’re much cheaper now. But the 1.4 billion in modules and rigs is pretty much the same. So yeah, I was always careful when I took it out to avoid suicide ganks. When I moved to null I left all the expensive gear in hi-sec and swapped to a more null-friendly fit, rather than a pimped mission runner. Still cleaned up Sanctums very quickly.


  6. The Alien

    Perhaps I should look into some missile skills, although I should probably finish up the battlecruiser/battleship type support skills first. I have the ship skills for those and I’ve got all sorts of drone skills, but I wanted to work up my fitting and general support skills before I went out in anything new. My two main ships are my Vexor and my Retriever, although the latter is less useful now that none of my friends play anymore.

    At least I’m learning reasonably useful skills while I dither about what to do next.


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