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“A Game of Stronts” Does Not Run in My Time Zone

There is a war going on somewhere.

I know this because it has been broadcast via corporation mail.

We have been told to knock off all that carebear crap, get out there and stick it to the enemy.

So don’t rat, don’t mine, and stay the hell out of empire space because some other alliance declared war on us… which is in addition to the war I am actually writing about… so two wars… and if you get killed in empire space due to that other war it is a clear sign that you are screwing around and not taking the real war seriously.

Alrighty then!

So I put the dust cover on the Tengu, drained the oil out of the Hulk and put it up on blocks, stationed my Maelstrom and Hurricane in Mittaningrad, and even fitted out a few war Drakes since Drakes are making a comeback in fleet doctrine.

Me, in a Drake, at Mittaningrad

I am sitting in the system where we form up with my fleet ops ship ready and loaded for bear.  I am logged into the ops announcement channel on Jabber.  I have the Mumble loaded.

And I am sitting with my feet up on my desk blowing spit bubbles and playing Ticket to Ride on my iPad.

From Winnipeg to Houston

Eventually I get tired of sitting around and log off to do something else.  Life in space.

After the cut, I try to summarize (badly) what I have read about the war and what other people are up to while I am at work.

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Used Wedding Rings and Other Matrimonial Issues…

Trion dropped a big patch in Rift earlier this week, and like all such patches, not everything went as planned.  So we have the first post-patch hotfix already that addresses a list of issues.

Among the fixes were a few directed at the new wedding and marriage system.

* Wedding Rings now get converted into Used Wedding Rings if they are equipped at the time of divorce.
* Taking a wedding gift no longer prevents guests from using the forge at a Dwarf wedding ceremony.
* Eth reception guests now show up *after* the ceremony, instead of before it.
* Cancelling while taking a wedding gift no longer prevents you from receiving more gifts.

I like that, in some ways, these reflect real life wedding problems with things like what does a wedding ring mean after divorce, guests showing up at the wrong time, and the complexities of wedding gifts.

I am not sure about the forge thing though.  I am not actually interested enough to go find out if a forge is part of the actual Dwarf wedding ceremony or that your typical dwarf likes to make his wedding gift right there at the ceremony, but apparently there is one at the ceremony and the gifts were interfering with it.