Used Wedding Rings and Other Matrimonial Issues…

Trion dropped a big patch in Rift earlier this week, and like all such patches, not everything went as planned.  So we have the first post-patch hotfix already that addresses a list of issues.

Among the fixes were a few directed at the new wedding and marriage system.

* Wedding Rings now get converted into Used Wedding Rings if they are equipped at the time of divorce.
* Taking a wedding gift no longer prevents guests from using the forge at a Dwarf wedding ceremony.
* Eth reception guests now show up *after* the ceremony, instead of before it.
* Cancelling while taking a wedding gift no longer prevents you from receiving more gifts.

I like that, in some ways, these reflect real life wedding problems with things like what does a wedding ring mean after divorce, guests showing up at the wrong time, and the complexities of wedding gifts.

I am not sure about the forge thing though.  I am not actually interested enough to go find out if a forge is part of the actual Dwarf wedding ceremony or that your typical dwarf likes to make his wedding gift right there at the ceremony, but apparently there is one at the ceremony and the gifts were interfering with it.


4 thoughts on “Used Wedding Rings and Other Matrimonial Issues…

  1. Shadow

    My Father was engaged to a woman before my mother. After a revealing moment as to the first woman’s character, the engagement was called off. My mother now wears that ring today after 36 yrs of marriage. I say, reuse the rings.

    Are they as expensive in game as they are in real life? Should I expect to take 3 months of virtual income to purchase one?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Shadow – Well, technically, that was a used engagement ring, right?

    But yes, my thought was more along the line of family heirlooms. I guess nobody will be wearing their grandmother’s ring or some such.

    Of course, in most MMOs, there are no grandparents or such heirlooms unless made up for role play value.

    And as ascended in Rift, the idea of who our ancestors are and what we really are seems rather… lightly explored? We’ve gone back in time, en-masse, to slaughter all manner of beings. Do we ever change the flow of time enough to eliminate ourselves? Or do we all believe in a self-correcting space time continuum in Telara, in which case, why bother coming back at all?

    You can tell the lore hasn’t really sunk into me all that much beyond the superficial details.


  3. flosch

    I think the forge is just there for the guests to get hammered. And what better time to get hammered than _after_ the exchange of presents?

    I know it’s a silly word play, but I couldn’t resist.


  4. bhagpuss

    Rift lore does not bear thinking about in just about any possible interpretation of that phrase.

    I used to enjoy a good wedding in EQ once upon a time but I think that moment has passed.


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