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Seven Million Missiles Per Hour

CCP has another post up dragging out statistics from EVE Online.

Amongst the numbers was the fact that players in the game manufactured 62 billion missiles in 2011, from which comes that 7 million missiles an hour metric.

A few hundred missiles wasted...

Excluding shuttles and frigates, the mighty Drake battlecruiser was the most produced ship in the game last year. (Hurricanes, the Minmatar battlecruiser was in second place.)  All those Drakes have to be driving some of that missile production.  Each of those glowing missile tracks going down range in the previous picture can represent up to seven missiles in flight.

Drakes, Drakes, Drakes!

And in 2011 5,381,636 ships were blown up in the game.  65% of those ships were killed by other players, while the remainder were destroyed by NPCs of one sort or another, including CONCORD.

In the same time frame the third most commonly destroyed ship, after frigates and pods, were battlecruisers.  But there were a lot of them out there  to destroy.

There are more stats in the post if you are interested, including facts like the most popular system for planetary interaction is Sobaseki, which just happens to be one jump from Jita.