Daily Archives: February 10, 2012

Half Off EON Magazine and More

In one of those happy accidents, yesterday I went looking at the EVE Online store to see how much a subscription to EON, the official EVE Online magazine was.

Over at the EVE Online site it was still listed, but unlike most other things in the store, there was no way to actually buy it.  You could not put the subscription, or anything else related to MMM Publishing, into your shopping cart.

This being the modern age of communication, I poked the EON Magazine team via Twitter.

I got a quick but coy response about there being changes in the works and that I might figure it out if  I went to the magazine’s blog site.

From there… and this was before the latest post announcing it… I was able to find the new EON Store.

And a big sale.  Everything was… and remains for the moment… half price!

Half Off Sale

Well, that sealed the deal for me.  I like the magazine and it is certainly longest running magazine dedicated solely to a single MMO.  Blizzard let World of Warcraft Magazine fold up shop after five issues, and don’t get me started on SOE’s hot and cold… mostly cold… approach to magazines.

I did have a bit of trouble with the checkout and payment.  Yesterday it was taking a long while… call it nearly five minutes… for payment processing to show up at the end of the order.  Fortunately I took some time to harangue them on Twitter again and by the time I was done, the payment interface had loaded.

There is still no EON Digital yet, but at least we are still able to get the physical magazine, and there is something very pleasing about EVE Online pictures printed on glossy paper that you can carry about.

Here is hoping that the order actually went through.  I got receipts from MMM and the payment processor, but my order number was in the low 2 digit range, so I was clearly an early user of the system, and we know what that can be like.

Next on my list, where can I get null sec sovereignty maps printed on a T-shirt?