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Mewtwo Available for Download from Nintendo

As mentioned previously, Mewtwo is now available for download from Nintendo via Nintendo WiFi, and will remain so through March 6, 2012.  I downloaded mine already.

The Mighty Mewtwo

While the event is really just to bring attention to updates to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, those of us who only play the video game benefit.

The full instructions for the event are available at Pokemon.com, along with this information:

You’ll have a new opportunity to get the Legendary Mewtwo once again! Between February 12th and March 6th, you can receive Mewtwo in your Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game. Don’t miss this limited-time distribution event to get this amazing Pokémon via the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection service (wireless broadband Internet access required. For more info, go to support.nintendo.com).

When you take this Level 70 Mewtwo into battle, know that you have one of the strongest Pokémon ever. Its moves are powerful and well suited to take advantage of Mewtwo’s strengths and cover its weaknesses. Psystrike is a new signature move for Mewtwo that does damage depending on its opponent’s Defense. Ordinarily Mewtwo doesn’t learn Psystrike until Level 100, but this Mewtwo already has the powerful attack! Mewtwo also has Shadow Ball, a Ghost-type move that is super effective against the Ghost-type Pokémon that can cause problems for Psychic types. Mewtwo is also weak against Dark-type Pokémon, so its third attack, the Fighting-type move Aura Sphere, is a good counter to their attacks. Lastly, this special Mewtwo knows Electro Ball, a stunning Electric-type move that Mewtwo cannot normally learn!

When you get Mewtwo, it will be holding a King’s Rock, an item which occasionally makes its opponent flinch in battle. You can also give it to certain Pokémon and then trade them to make them evolve. Plus, Mewtwo comes with a Premier Ribbon, a special Ribbon that you can’t get through normal game play!

Mewtwo will be available via a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection distribution event that runs from February 12th through March 6th.

A reminded, this is not an in-store event, but a download available over your local wireless internet connection to Pokemon Black or White only.  For instructions on setting up that connection, go to the US Nintendo support site.

Drake Fleet – We Shoot Our Own POS, Then Go Rat for a While

My continuing adventures with Drake Fleet.

Drake Fleet was part of a titanic operation.  The battle at 0P9Z-I was huge with about 2,000 ships destroyed.

There was enough going on that time dilation was cranked up to the maximum setting.

Time Dilation Factor: 10% means that the whole battle was running at 10% of normal speed so that the back end systems could keep up with all the activity.  A 10 second gun reload… 100 seconds at that setting.  Which is why the battle went on for a long, long time. (Somebody ~30 systems away who happened to be on the same set of servers was complaining on the forums about TiDi being a pain, as they were forced to 10% speed as well.)

At the battle climax

It was another battle in the economic war, with Raiden attempting to take out another CFC tech moon operation.  They succeeded in their goal, though losses were heavy all around.  Even the kill mail for the battle seems to be on time dilation, it takes so long to load.

Not only was the mining operation destroyed, but Raiden held the field at the end, dropping 30 titans into the battle to finish things off.

Titans mean the end of the battle

All of this happened while I was at work.  It was a big fight partially because it was in Euro prime time.  And I did not see a bit of it.  Images courtesy of Gaff who was there and IM’ing me about how slow things were moving.

No, when I got home everything was quiet.  I think EVE24 already had a post up about the great Raiden victory by that point. (And, oh noes, somebody leaked the Drake Fleet doctrine, but there is money to be made with Drake hulls now.)

But after rattling around a bit that evening, a call went out for a Drake Fleet, forming up at the usual location.  What could we be up to?

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