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All The Pretty Ships in New Eden – What Should I Fly Next?

So far my adventures in null sec have allowed me to experience a bunch of things quite new, at least to me, in EVE Online.  Fleet battles and capital ships and player owned stations and sovereignty and war on an epic scale relative to anything I had seen before.

On the other hand, for the most part, I have been flying a Drake.

Not that the Drake is a bad ship.  It has been a very good ship for me and I have invested heavily in the skills to get the most out of it as a platform.  Aside from a couple of drone related skills, I have been able to fly any Drake fit that the CFC has thrown out there.

But the Drake has been my primary ship for more than four years now.  I have owned more Drakes… and lost more Drakes… than any other ship.

Earliest Drake pic on the blog

While I love this flying doorstop, this heavily shielded wedge of missile spewing doom, I do wonder if I should try out something else.

Yes, I did move on to running missions in a Raven, though I used to throw my other account in with a passive tanked Drake to be bait at times.  That Drake passive tank is mighty thing.

In fleet ops I have flown a Maelstrom and a Hurricane.

And the Tengu has become my ratting/anomaly ship of choice.

But in all of those cases, while the ship and even the weapons might be different, the role feels very much the same.  And, all things equal, I might as well put myself in the ship that takes the best advantage of my skills.  I join the Drake Fleet for coalition fleet ops, because that is where I am strongest and the result is about the same. (Actually, I think we have more fun in Drake Fleet than in Alpha Fleet, but my experience in that regard is somewhat limited.)

So I have started looking around for another ship and another role that might both be a different experience to me as well as adding value to my presence in the corp, the alliance, and the coalition.

But what to choose?  I mull over the options after the break.

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EverQuest for Mac Saved?

More tweets from Chairman Smed:

Back on January 30th, as part of the EverQuest Free to Play announcement, the closing of EverQuest for Macintosh was part of the collateral damage.

Now, however, it looks like it may live on still, and as a truly free to play experience to boot.

This is truly amazing… and I would say almost unprecedented… news.

I will be interested to see the details when they emerge.  I do hope this will mean EQMac.com will continue to be available.  It is a source of much arcane lore from the bygone days of the game.

(Hat tip to Omali who was watching Twitter more closely than I!)