Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Spider Smashing in the Darkening Deeps

After a couple of weeks off, we were able to all join up again for another assault on the Darkening Deeps.

Last time around we got hung up at Tegenar Darkfang, the third boss in the instance and were unable to defeat him.

This pretty much sums it up

The fight, while acknowledged as a tough one by most who commented, did show up some deficiencies in our group.  We were a little low on the level range for the instance, something that we took care of in the intervening time, so that our group for the night was:

  • Gizalia level 25 mage
  • Earlthecat level 25 warrior
  • Jollyreaper level 26 mage
  • Zahihawass level 26 cleric
  • Hillmar level 26 cleric

And while the names remain the same, there was yet another round of respec’ing.  Thanks to the new pre-set roles available with Patch 1.7, Earl, Jolly, and Gizalia all had new sets of skills.  Earl seemed to be especially satisfied at getting a build which seemed to fill in the gaps his previous build seemed to have.

And so it was into the Darkening Deeps again.

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