Spider Smashing in the Darkening Deeps

After a couple of weeks off, we were able to all join up again for another assault on the Darkening Deeps.

Last time around we got hung up at Tegenar Darkfang, the third boss in the instance and were unable to defeat him.

This pretty much sums it up

The fight, while acknowledged as a tough one by most who commented, did show up some deficiencies in our group.  We were a little low on the level range for the instance, something that we took care of in the intervening time, so that our group for the night was:

  • Gizalia level 25 mage
  • Earlthecat level 25 warrior
  • Jollyreaper level 26 mage
  • Zahihawass level 26 cleric
  • Hillmar level 26 cleric

And while the names remain the same, there was yet another round of respec’ing.  Thanks to the new pre-set roles available with Patch 1.7, Earl, Jolly, and Gizalia all had new sets of skills.  Earl seemed to be especially satisfied at getting a build which seemed to fill in the gaps his previous build seemed to have.

And so it was into the Darkening Deeps again.

As before, we got there via the Looking For Group tool, the Rift clone of the WoW Dungeon Finder.  We might have been able to skip that this time around.  I had done enough scouting about with other characters that we probably could of gotten there overland.  However, given the troubles we had last time around, I figured it was probably better to just get stuck into the meat of the evening.  And so we jumped in.

Back in the foyer of the Darkening Deeps

And, again based off our past experience, we decided to head straight for where we had the most trouble.  Down the ramp we went.

The ramp itself seemed a bit easier.  New specs probably helped, but a couple of levels didn’t hurt either.  Rather than a series of set piece pulls, we took the ramp in a three running battles, scooping up mobs as we went until we hit an open point.

Headed down the ramp

This mobile fight also helped us keep out of the incoming fire blasts that pelt the ramp during your first descent.

At the bottom there was the first boss, Alchemist Braxtepel, who was not a tough fight last time and was not a tough fight this time. Past him we started getting into some tougher fights, with mobs who call on helpers to assist them, which requires some crowd control.

It can also require the healer to keep an eye on his own health, which I totally failed to do during one such melee, and down I went.  Fortunately, Zahihawass is our backup healer.  Unfortunately, he also failed to watch his own hit points.  Both healers down in a tight little battle made for a wipe.

Healers down, the party will soon follow

We were able to bounce back from that.  I soul walked that ress’d everybody.  We took a short break then cleared out the remaining mobs between us and the next boss.

Michael Bringhurst, the werewolf, was a tough fight for us last time, primarily because we did not make the moonlight + werewolf = wipe equation.

This time around we were better prepared.  However, I think the new specs might have tripped us up a bit.  The plan was for Earl to go grab aggro, bring Micahel down to the far end of the room, out of the moonlight, and to work from there.

However, we all opened up when Earl tagged the werewolf, aggro was not gained, mage pets ran in and got aggro, the battle stayed there in the middle of the moonlit section of the room, and the whole thing quickly spiraled out of control.  Another wipe.

Earl got to soul walk and use his ress this time as we discussed how to avoid a repetition of our first fight.

There he is... this time for sure

This time around, with pets on passive and a check on fire until Earl had the werewolf secured down at the far end of the room, we were able to take him down without too much drama.  My only anxiety was that my big heal is a 3 second cast, which seems like forever in a battle (the group can tell when I am casting it because I start muttering, “c’mon, c’mon, c’mon!”), and which gets even worse if I take damage and the cast bar gets pushed back.

The second boss down, it was time to get into the spiders.

The yard trash spiders yielded one comedic moment.  The room before the spider boss has spiders and spider nests or, as they are actually named, spider burrows.  The idea is to kill the burrows as fast as possible as spiders keep coming out until you do.

So during the fight, seeing that all fire wasn’t hitting the nests, a couple of us started chanting, “kill the burrow! kill the burrow!”  to the confusion of at least one of our team who had not read the name of the nests and thought we were talking about some sort of donkey.  We got that one cleared up by the third nest at least.

And then it was time for our nemesis from last time, Tenegar Deepfang.

For this fight we had an array of things.  There were the new specs, of course.  But in the last post we had also been told, in the comments, that the PvP skill that removes movement impairing debuffs would work when webbed up by Tenegar.  Potshot had also read that hiding behind the lone pillar in the boss room would break line of sight with Tenegar when he went to web somebody.

Armed with this, we went into the fight… and failed miserably.  Things learned:

  • Hiding behind the pillar does nothing
  • The PvP skill does not break you out of the webs
  • Being scattered all over the room means Earl cannot pull spiderlings off you
  • Nobody can say “Zahihawass” in the middle of a fight

The last was especially bad, as Zahihawass got webbed and Potshot was saying “I’m webbed” on Skype, which lead to a “who are you again?” question which pretty much ended when we wiped.

Dead in the spider room again

So we discussed the lessons learned and came up with a plan for the next round.

Earl would run in, grab aggro, and turn the spider around.  The rest of us would stand as close to the back of the spider as possible while DPS would be ready to break out anybody who got webbed.

Fortunately for me, our respec’d DPS grabbed more aggro than my healing, and so they got webbed while I kept on chain healing Earl through the whole fight.  This worked out much better and Tenegar went down without a loss on our side.

Spider stomped at last!

Then it was through the back door of the spider’s laid to the final bosses, the Gedlo Conclave.

Behold the Mighty Gedlo Conclave!

The conclave appeared to consist of three bosses, a healer, a DPS caster, and a tank.  That seemed like an easy enough set to take care of.  Kill the healer, kill the DPS, kill the tank.  The only question was, what special surprise would the Gedlo Conclave have in store for us?  What was their secret weapon?

Apparently their secret weapon was to hide in a room behind a giant spider, since we knocked them down pretty much one, two, three and were done.  Final bosses defeated, instance complete.

We took our final picture where the last fight took place… as the bodies of the conclave disappeared almost immediately.

Here our victory was assured

Looking at the clock, we got through the instance in pretty quick order.  Last time around, when we gave up at the Tenegar is was closing in on midnight Pacific time.  This time it was 10:30pm.

We decided to see if there was anything at the top of the ramp, so we turned around and ran all the way back to the entrance and then headed upward.  There were a few mobs to kill along the way, but at the top, in the final alcove, there was just an empty altar and a dead body.

More of a crime scene than a fight

There was nothing else up at the top, and no way to get to the… uh… penthouse apartments at the top of the dungeon.

Who lives in a stalactite?

With that accomplished and nothing else on the agenda, we looked around for a way to exit the dungeon and end up in the Gloomwood zone where it is located, just to let us explore a little bit.  But the Looking for Group code has you hemmed in.  We ended up back in Meridian, where we decided to call it a night.

Next time around we should be headed overland to the Deepstrike mines out in Stonefield.

7 thoughts on “Spider Smashing in the Darkening Deeps

  1. Warsyde

    The “secret weapon” of the Gedlo Collective is that each time one of the bosses die the remaining two get a buff based on the boss that died. However, if you have the tanking, dps, and healing to get through the spider boss the final boss fight is a cakewalk. I’m really not sure why they haven’t tuned down the spider boss and tuned up the final fight, it’s just silly. I’ve never been in a group that wiped on the final boss, but I’ve wiped on the spider countless times.


  2. Jacob

    Regarding the ramp at the start – the goblins on the top of the ramp are the ones dropping fire on you at the start, as you work your way down toward the first boss. Some people kill the top goblins first, which means they don’t have to dodge fire on the way back down to the boss.

    Thanks for the story!


  3. pkudude99

    The pvp skill “break free” was probably modified in the 1.7 patch when the pvp souls were removed. It used to work just fine, and I saved myself with it on many an occasion while healing.

    DSM should be a lot of fun for you! DSM is my favorite dungeon while leveling up.

    One hint for the final boss: Run from red, kill brown. It’ll makes sense during the fight.


  4. pkudude99

    And no edit option….. if you go up the ramp as you enter the dungeon, you won’t have to worry about the flaming bombs falling on your as you work your way down the ramp later. But since the bombs are easily avoidable, it’s really not a big deal.


  5. Pathak

    Just want to say that I’m enjoying your RIFT commentary immensely. The EVE Online stuff isn’t too bad either (although I’ve never played).

    I played RIFT for about 3 months when it first came out, but ended up with a severe case of MMO burn out, and end game boredom. I also tended to play a solo game, so I didn’t get to visit many of the lower level dungeons until 50, but which time, I’d need to be doing them at the heroic level (or whatever it’s called at the end game.. my WoW roots cloud my terminology).

    Anyway, it’s very nice to read about your experiences in game.


  6. sean

    The Gedlo Conclave *do* have a surprise, it’s just that you only find it in the expert (lvl 50) version of the instance.

    The ramps upstairs also have quest locations, but as the quests are only Guardian-side, you won’t see them with your group – but every time I’ve done DD, we’ve always gone upstairs first, to get the quests done. I didn’t even know there were fire bombs on the path on the way down :)


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