Daily Archives: February 18, 2012

I Find Your Lack of Server Transfers Disturbing…

I realize that you cannot have everything perfect at launch… but no server transfers?

I'm jumping on this meme early

With a game running… what is it, like 200+ servers?  You don’t think with that spread somebody is going to end up finding out their friends are on another server?

Was this an oversight, a sign of extreme optimism, or a rookie mistake for BioWare on their first MMO?

But it is Star Wars!

Granted, it isn’t like every MMO does server transfers… or does them well.  The last time I checked, to get a transfer in LOTRO you had to open a support ticket and wait a couple of weeks.  And it was like that with SOE as well not so long ago, and $50 a pop on top of that.

But I thought a big title like SWTOR would have this covered.  Ah well, history repeats.

Did Rift get the whole server transfer thing right early on?  I know not much further after release than SWTOR is now they were offering up the whole free transfer thing to let people get on to more active servers.

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