In Branch and Tenal the War Goes On

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t order you all to your deaths against a supercap blob. However, TEST cancelled a special B0RT birthday op or something in order to come on this strat op, so I’ve ordered the FCs to get you all killed. By the time you get this broadcast, most of you will be dead, but failing that you should probably get into one of the fleets. We’re going to need a ton of Scimitars, Drakes, etc. If the initial engagement goes our way we’ll be pumping an endless stream of bodies on top of the hostile supers, so get ready!

-Inspirational Jabber Message from The Mittani

That was the coms invite to get us to turn out for the battle at 0P9Z-I.

Not unique for our coms.

And the battle at 0P9z-I was an epic one.  A couple of thousand players were involved over the course of the battle.  Ships of all sizes.  Time dilation down to 10% of real time.  It was huge.

The Battle at 0P9Z-I

And the battle did not go our way.  Raiden and its allies held the field at the end of the battle, while the CFC withdrew, their tech moon station destroyed and with losses exceeding that of the enemy.  It was declared a clear victory for Raiden by some.

And yet…

And yet, there I was, later that evening as part of a fleet in 0P9Z-I.  Raiden had botched their first attempt to put up their own tower to replace ours, then did not bother trying again.

Later a CFC pilot stealthed into the system in a Viator and put up a medium tower back where the old one had been destroyed.  Our fleet came in to cover the repair of the tower then put it into reinforcement on a timer advantageous to us.

So who won the battle?  Raiden and their team tech with the Titans who cleared the battlefield of all who opposed it… for a time.  Or the Clusterfuck Cong who came right back the moment they were gone and set up operations as before?

The war goes on.

And so it was that another message went out to the troops from The Mittani, which made it to EVE News 24 before I could see it in the Goonwaffe forums.

There is a lot to be gleaned from that message.  He points out the battle above and how it was expected that Raiden would join battle again after their victory when five of their own tech moon operations were coming out of reinforcement.

The CFC fleets swelled in size with the enticement of another big fight.  But Raiden failed to show.

And so a grinding battle of attrition is on.  The usual state of null sec from the usual source.

Null Sec - February 21, 2012

Another thing pointed out in the message was that the CFC does indeed have a capital ship fleet.

I have seen bits of it at times, but usually I see one titan in a POS shield waiting for a cyno to go up so it can jump us to our deaths and get back to whatever it is that titans do when they aren’t… well… jumping us to our deaths.

There were actual titans involved with the White Noise POS shoot back in December.  But since then, I haven’t seen more than one at a time.

But last night they were actually out.

In a battle at RLTG-3, a system in Tenal, which is Raiden’s home turf, there was actually a clash of capital ships, and the CFC capitals came out the better, knocking down 17 enemy dreadnoughts and proving that our titans do actually shoot enemy ships now and again.  Among those knocked out in the fight was Riverini of EVE News 24, a kill that made for much joy on the CFC coms.

[EVE News 24 now has a post up about the battle.  It wasn’t there when I started this last night. It includes a video during which you can see Riverini get killed.]

I however did not get to see that.  In preparation for the battle, a specialized fleet had been called up.  But then, as things progressed, the call went out for Drakes to get on, join Dabigredboat’s fleet, and burn the hell out to the battle as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t logged on yet and had to go through two client patches before I could even get into the game.  Then I had to get myself to VFK, get my Drake, and start the burn to the fleet.

At least the latest patch seemed to fix the problems introduced when CCP updated the overview code.  My overview is now able to display stations and jump gates again! Yay!

Fortunately for us, the usual band of GDIs that tend to show up at gate camps when a battle starts up, with the express intent of catching singletons left behind trying to catch up to the fleet, did not materialize.  Still, I spent quite a while getting to the fleet, and arrived just in time to hear that the screening operation to allow our capital ships to withdraw was over.

And so there we were, sitting around in Tenal.

Boat gave us a couple of destinations and we cruised around the region for a while.  We were apparently screening another operation for a bit, but I think we were also looking for something to do.  We had a Drake fleet of nearly 200 ships roaming about.  I suppose I got to visit some new systems.

Another destination called

And in the usual course of things, we managed to blow up one of our own ships then argued about how much he should be reimbursed, we gave a TEST newbie a bunch of ISK and probably confused the crap out of him, Boat told stories about YouTube videos he had seen recently and about how The Mittani once made him and his tier 1 fit Drake go sit in the corner during an op.

During our time, we did not see a single red, and our only kills, outside of one of our own, were some NPCs.  Another 200 Drake rat fleet.

Eventually the screening operation was complete and we were let off the leash to burn for home.  No enemies and no gate camps stood in our way.  We made it back to VFK.  Boat stood down the fleet and went off to play League of Legends.  I finished up paying the bills and balancing my checkbook, the main task I accomplished during the operation.

We appear to be nibbling at the edge of Raiden’s domain, but we are not up for a full scale invasion.

It looks like it is going to be a long war.

We certainly won’t be leaving Deklein any time soon.

3 thoughts on “In Branch and Tenal the War Goes On

  1. Iggep

    Love the recaps! Keep em coming! It’s largely the stories I’ve read here and over at hardcore casual in recent months that coaxed me back into Eve after a little more than a year elsewhere. And I’m enjoying it! Can’t wait to rejoin all of you out there in Null.


  2. Besse

    I’m enjoying your coverage of Eve – in fact I think I’ve enjoyed it more than playing the game itself. I seemed to spend a lot of time training skills so I could do the thing that was fun, then finding out that the thing I could now do wasn’t actually that fun after all. Comments like the fact you managed to pay the bills and balance your checkbook whilst you were playing make me wonder whether you’re in the same situation. What are you enjoying about Eve?


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