The Experience Toggle in Rift Arrives Just in Time

We only had four for our Saturday night group last weekend.

Earl reported in as being “iffy” in the afternoon and then had to beg off by the evening.  He had friends coming up for a recording session the next day.  I did get a chance to send him a link to the instance group video I had just finished uploading to YouTube at that point and he gave it a thumbs up.

But the rest of us were out in Telara and ready to play, the group being:

  • Gizalia level 26 mage
  • Hillmar level 26 cleric
  • Jollyreaper level 27 mage
  • Zahihawass level 27 cleric

Fortunately for us, we had something to do and Trion had just given us a way to keep the group from getting spread out in levels.

Yes, while it arrived less than a month ago, the lock XP option was just in time for us.  Those of us who were already level 27 locked their experience, while those of us who were not waited until we hit 27 and then locked.

As for a task, we had just picked up a guild quest that required us to kill 1,000 Rift creatures.  Up to that point we had only killed about 100, so we had a clear goal in mind.  Off we went to Scarlet Gorge to chase rifts.

Water rift in sight!

We did run into one oddity early on that I had seen before.  At one foothold, the idol there had teleported in an attack group.  However, rather than running off to attack our red thing at the quest hub, this group of baddies decided to just hang around on the edge of the foothold.  And once Hillmar and Zahi decided to plink one of the real defenders, that group joined in as well and swamped us.

Now, once the four of us showed up, taking out that group was no big deal.  Hillmar went to healing, Zahi started using his tanking and taunting abilities, and it all went down easily enough.  But I have run into that situation before when out solo and wonder if that is a bug or just a way to make some footholds tougher than others.

Anyway, the zone seemed pretty quiet.  We ran into relatively few other players, while the population of rifts was big enough that we were able to bounce around closing them pretty much non-stop.  And we seemed to be getting all flavors of rifts.  No one planar bound group seemed to have dibs on the zone.

The Fruit of the Loom Rift!

The variety actually worked our well, as a couple of us got an achievement along the way.

Prismatic Shutout is the achievement for closing one of each flavor of rift.  Like most achievements, it doesn’t mean much, but they are still a nice way to mark and track something you might have otherwise not noticed.  I certainly couldn’t have told you if Hillmar had closed each of the rift types at that point.

We did actually end up at a major rift in the zone.  There is one semi-permanent fire rift that is part of a quest chain in about the middle of the zone.

Fire rifts are red

Fire rifts seem to be our least favorite rifts.  In disusing them as we tackled this one, the issue is that they are populated by red mobs with red name tags which get targeted by a red arrow and a red reticule all on top of a glowing red background with glowing red stuff flying about.  It isn’t quite the issue of the black control panel on the Disaster Area solar flare causing space ship, but I don’t have to try to use those control on a weekly basis, while fire rifts are common.  And none of the fire rift bosses have names quite as cool as Hotblack Desiato.

Still, for all that, we managed.  Again, Zahi and his off-tank abilities and seldom-used taunts, Hillmar’s healing, and two DPS mages made things go smoothly enough, and netted us another achievement.

From there we worked our way down the zone again, picking off rifts and footholds as we went.

As an evening went, it was quiet fun.  We grabbed a lot of planarite, got a couple of achievements, and advanced our guild quest.

Almost half way there...

And we didn’t leave Earl in the dust level-wise while doing it.  Not a bad total for the night.

6 thoughts on “The Experience Toggle in Rift Arrives Just in Time

  1. bhagpuss

    I always disliked fire rifts and still do. In order my preference would probably be Air, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Fire. That said, I have seen more than my share of Death rifts, especially the exceedingly annoying one with the werewolves and the clickable stones.

    Isn’t it about time Trion came up with some new planes?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I actually don’t mind the wolf death rift. But the one where you have to kill the little pink bubbles before they animate and release the dragon in the middle. Unless you are max-DPS and really fast, you lose.

    Not that losing is the end of the world, but we have failed to beat that in a solo rift with a raid group a couple of times.

    @Stabs – I’m married already, and the last thing I want popping up on my screen when my wife is looking over my shoulder (because you know that is when it will happen, Murphy demands it) is a marriage proposal. The ladies will just have to take it in stride.


  3. Carson

    Don’t forget that in Telara there is no prejudice against same-sex marriages, so the dudes will also just have to it in stride that Wilhelm auto-rejects their proposals.


  4. Vatec

    Yep, the red names and red target reticules definitely make Fire rifts the most annoying for me, too. And if you find that annoying, just wait until you do Expert- or Master-mode Darkening Deeps: the final boss fight in those has all the downsides of the nastiest Fire rifts ;^)


  5. SynCaine

    Closing all those rifts did not trigger a zone invasion? Was that mechanic changed, or did you guys just not close enough?

    A fun guild activity we did ‘back in the day’ was closing rifts to trigger an event, since those are the source of the blue/purple whatevers to buy the nice items (unless that was also changed…)


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