Ironically, Actual Loot Pinatas are Kind of Tough

In Rift, things are warming up for the latest in-game event, the Carnival of the Ascended, the celebration of the first anniversary of Rift.

Carnival of the Ascended Schedule

That empty corner in Meridian is filling up again.

It has been empty for weeks...

They are apparently setting up just the sort of games you expect from a carnival.

It has never been quite that obvious to me...

And as a warm up to the whole thing, the kick-off is to run out and find dragon pinatas. (And yes, I know in Spanish it is spelled “piñata.”  Trion didn’t feel the need to spell it that way in the English client, and we are talking about their pinatas.)

This has got to be one of those little MMO jokes, since one of the derogatory terms for NPCs in MMOs is “loot pinatas.”  They exist solely to be beat on until they dispense prizes.

Still, I am game to get involved with Trion’s little joke.  So I set out to find some pinatas.  I went to Scarlet Gorge where I immediately spotted one, because they appear on the map with a special little balloon icon.

Pinata Ho!

I ran out, found the little guy, and started beating on it.

There you are, time to die!

And I beat on it, and cast, and beat on it some more.  But it did not seem to be losing very much health, so I moused over its health bar to see what I was up against.

One Healthy Pinata

32,505 hit points for a level 27 pinata.

Now, for comparison, Hillmar, a level 27 blueberry cleric, has 1820 hit points and his best spell hits for about 200.  He is a healer, but still.

So 32K hit points might take a while.

Fortunately, there is also a debuff on the pinatas.

They wear out naturally

But it takes a while for that debuff to build up, and it doesn’t start until you commence a whackin’ on the thing, so Hillmar had to spend a while beating on various pinatas before they started to actually lose significant hit points.

Still, a little patience and I was able to bring down the pinata.

The basic reward is glass beads, which will be the vendor currency for the Carnival of the Ascended, once it gets going.

But the pinatas also appear to drop cosmetic items from past world events.  Hillmar ended up with several clothing items, three pets, and an effect that can be applied to weapons that makes them glow purple.

Fae Yule pants... great...

So I have a start on glass beads at least, and at least a few items I like.  I’m not sure I really needed… or wanted… the Fae Yule stuff.  And now I can say I have hunted literal loot pinatas.

I'm coming for you!

6 thoughts on “Ironically, Actual Loot Pinatas are Kind of Tough

  1. bhagpuss

    I think someone at Trion has an unhealthy dose of cynicism for the people paying his wages. You might recall I mentioned in a post a while back about the use of the terms “Unique Snowflake”, Lame and Fail in previous Rift events. This appears to carry on the tradition of making jokes at the expense of the playerbase.

    Filling “Loot Pinatas” with leftover items from previous events risks adding injury to insult for players who were around for those events, too. On the other hand it could be welcomed by those who weren’t.


  2. seanas

    And the Loot Pinatas are all named after raid bosses, thus mocking the tendency of players to denigrate content after they’ve managed to master it.

    Bhagpuss might find the jokes at the expense of the playerbase a bit unseemly, but personally, I think they’re a strength of Rift. Jokes at the expense of the game, a la WoW? That I don’t like – don’t tell me you think your game is pants, or eventually I’ll come to agree. Jokes at the expense of the players? If we don’t have enough self-reflection to see the (partial) truth in the joke, that’s not Trion’s fault :)


  3. SynCaine

    The fact that you just stand around and beat on the pinata for a while is a nice touch. Extra points for it getting easier the longer you just stand around.

    And I agree with Bhag, whoever is forced to come up with this stuff is one step away from AK’ing the office.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I don’t see this as a slam at the player base, but a wink at the genre as a whole. You’ve either been immersed in these things long enough to get what is being poked at with things like “unique snowflake” and “loot pinata” or you haven’t, and if you have it is probably worth a chuckle. Loot pinatas named after raid bosses!

    But if it makes you mad… well… perhaps you were holding on too tightly in the first place.

    As for cosmetic item drops from past events being an “insult” (shouldn’t that properly be “a slap in the face?” because “insult to injury” doesn’t really seem to fit), well, we might have to go back and think on that whole unique snowflake thing. Oh dear, yet another percentage of the population might work to get something that a bunch of people already have! A lot of the stuff that has dropped for me are items I wouldn’t have spent event currency on in the first place, and I have the left over currency to prove it.

    As for somebody being “forced” to come up with this stuff… you think they don’t already have a long list of things that they decided were probably too much? This sort of thing is a release.


  5. bhagpuss

    I didn’t mean it was an insult because of the blow to the epeens of the “we were there and you weren’t so we’re cooler than you are” crowd. I have no time for that kind of nonsense. What I meant was that players who saw these drops the first time round will know that they are recycled from previous events. I wouldn’t have thought it was unreasonable for new items to be created each time.

    Since I can no longer log in to Rift because of some patcher error, it’s all speculation on my part anyway. For all I know they do have some new drops as well. If I ever get in again I’ll go and look.


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