My Number Comes Up in a VFK Homland Defense Fleet

Just as I was thinking it might be time to turn off the computer and head to bed early, a fleet op got called.

Nulli Secunda was in VFK-IV and the call was out for Drake Fleet for a Homeland Defense op.

I clone jumped into VFK, where I keep my no-implants clone and my fleet op ships, joined up with the fleet and waited for instructions.  The first thing that went out was not to undock because Nulli Secunda had undock bubbled and a fleet of Nagas at range to snipe.

There was the usual confusion and mis-information and people undocking despite being told not to, but eventually we had a fleet assembled and were ordered to undock, so out we went.

We spew forth from Mittaningrad

We aligned to a distant object, used our microwarp drives to get out of their bubbles, and warped off to form up.

Once gathered, we aligned back to the station.  Some people warped early and, as the FC said, died hilariously and alone.  Then came the warp from the FC and we all headed into the battle.  It was quite a mess.

Bubbles, Missiles, and Mittaningrad

In the fight it was a struggle for us to keep in range.  It was the usual call the target, lock, and fire in the midst of chaos.

Drake Fleet in the middle of things

Things were not going well, but I was just locking and shooting as the FC called targets when rather suddenly I was in my pod, my Drake having vanished around me.  My low point on the alphabetical sort did not save me this time around.

And there I was, in the middle of a bubble, 100km from the station, and in my pod.  I wasn’t going to be a primary target any more, but you never know when somebody just wants a pod kill.  I headed out of the bubble then warped around the system a bit until things settled down.  Eventually the station was clear and I was able to warp back in safely.

And so I have my first fleet op death in null sec, and my second Drake down in null sec overall.

The result of the battle itself was mixed.  Looking at a battle summary, we clearly lost a lot more ships.  However, as usual, we lost cheap ships, so the balance of ISK was more in our favor.

At least it was some action on a Sunday night.  I suppose that is one thing about VFK, people will show up just for a fight.

And the insurance on that Drake was going to run out in a week in any case.  Now we’ll see if I get any reimbursement.

Addendum: Nulli put up a video of the battle.

4 thoughts on “My Number Comes Up in a VFK Homland Defense Fleet

  1. Mbp

    In a case like that where someone has set up a warp bubble in your back garden is our not possible to locate the source of the bubble and destroy it?


  2. bhagpuss

    I’ve been reading these reports for weeks now and while they are by far the most entertaining EVE reports I’ve read (not hard since most EVE stories seem to have come straight out of the Financial Times of 2512) I still have almost no idea what’s going on.

    If there’s any MMO with more jargon than EVE I’ve not run into it yet.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @MBP – Yes, part of the plan would be to kill the ships bubbling your station, but not necessarily first. Bubbles work both ways, so if the enemy fleet is in the bubble too and you think you have the forces to overwhelm them, then you might leave them be or put up more bubbles just to hold everybody in place.

    Generally, the side that wants the bubble in place will protect the ship doing it with their logistics ships. And once a ship has enough repair support from logistic ships, it becomes very hard to kill. You can tell when your targets are getting reps and generally the FC calls for a new target.

    @Bhagpuss – I’ve written my share of technical posts on EVE about production, research, mining and the like. Recently I’ve just been shooting stuff, which is an easier concept to just get on with. I don’t have to describe what a missile is or how it works for people to get that I shoot them and they do damage. Plus the pictures are more interesting.


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