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Striking Deep into the Deepstrike Mines

I spent the late afternoon chasing pinatas in Rift, but come Saturday evening it looked like we would have a full group and be able to move on to our next instance.  The assembled group was:

  • Earlthecat level 25 warrior
  • Gizalia level 27 mage
  • Hillmar level 27 cleric
  • Jollyreaper level 27 mage
  • Zahihawass level 27 cleric

Despite locking our XP last week, Earl was still a couple of levels behind us.  So we left our XP locked… or most of us did, Jolly forgot and hit level 28 during the evening… and Earl took one of the XP boost potions that you get as veteran rewards every so often with the idea of using the evening to catch up.

This was also our first chance to really travel overland to a dungeon.  Darkening Deeps was off in the Guardian side of the world, while you can almost see the Iron Tomb standing out in front of Meridian.  This time we had to head out into the world.

Not that the Deepstrike Mines are on the moon or something.  It is just outside of granite falls, and we had already traveled there overland.

Not The Moon

We took the portal there, and then headed off to the mine, stopping only to take out a pinata along the way.  As has become the norm with my instance group posts, it is long and full of pictures, all of which you can find after the cut.

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Raptr Gets Analytical or Only 18,999 Hours to Go!

Raptr put up a several blog posts and sent me two email messages, all about the new stuff they are launching that lets you… well… compare your epeen against your friends.  Click on the picture below to see it in full size.

Raptr looks at my games...

I think Raptr must be primarily a console gamers destination if 36 games on my system puts me 26 games ahead of the average Raptr PC user.  Either that or Steam users… those of us who must resist their insane sales… are not well represented.

And the last bit, my summary, makes me think they haven’t quite got their system tuned:

Lightning Bolt!  You and 0% of Raptr users have more RPG games than anything else in their game library.  You put on your robe and wizard hat…

I suppose it depends on how you define the games.  I notice that that Raptr still seems shy about calling out MMORPGs.  Of course, that might be because MMORPG players are batshit insane.  I offer this up as proof.

While I might be an Elite World of Warcraft player, I have still been measured and found short a whopping 18,999 hours and/or achievements to be the #1 WoW player on Raptr.  If we take that as just hours of play, that is over two years of constant, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week play.

Meanwhile, on the EVE Online front, I am 103 hours shy of Elite status.

Other games in which I rank as elite for one reason or another:

  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Rift
  • Need for Speed: World
  • Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • EverQuest II Extended

Elite status seems to be a pretty arbitrary thing.

Addendum: And if you want to be my friend on Raptr, I am wilhelm2451, as usual.