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Back to the POS Shoot Game in N5Y-4N

Last night was one of those nights of running around just waiting for a target.

I got an alert on Jabber that a quick op was forming up to go after some intruders into our section of space.  This was a Drake fleet lead by Ninetales, the CFC’s own Khazak Fleet Commander.  Unfortunately, this operation got held up by a need for logistic ship support.

Jump Bridge is Red while we wait for Scimitars

And once we got it and got out to where the reds were running around, there was a recall out for another op that had been planned for the evening, so nothing really happened on that first op.

The planned op got superseded for a short bit when word came in that somebody 40+ jumps away had a few super capitals tackled and we were all going to run out and help with that.  That actually got Dabigredboat’s fleet, the one initially scheduled for the planned op, filled up pretty quickly.  Welp fleet Hurricanes and such were the order at that moment.

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Derek Smart on Dust 514

Derek Smart apparently needs to get something stirred up before GDC to help promote his own new game, so he tossed this out in and interview over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

Dust 514, that’s just going to fail. There’s no ifs, maybes or buts about it. The proper way I think that would have been done would have been to do an Eve sequel and bolt Dust 514 into it. That’s the problem when you start in one direction, your user base clamours for something they’re expecting and you can’t shoehorn it into what you have right now and you really can’t go back to the drawing board.

This was in reference to a question about Galactic Command Online, a game that has been talked about longer than EVE Online has been around.

It has been almost 2 years since his last really public confrontation with David Allen, and 18 months since it got wrapped up.

Anyway, if you haven’t had a recent dose of reality viewed through the lens of Derek Smart, be sure to check out the interview.  Just to tempt you, I will also throw in this quote:

I run Alganon over at my other company, Quest Online. That was subscription, I came in and made it F2P and the rest is history.

The rest, indeed, is history.  And history is really the only guide we have when predicting the future.

(Hat Tip to @EONMagazine)