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Onward to Jerusalem – The Bloodbath at C-J6MT

In our darkest hour, only one alliance reached out to us amidst the hate and persecution of the opening days of the Great War. Where every wretched honorpubbie pointed fingers and demanded that we be purged from the game ~for the good of EVE~, Red Alliance – at the time Death, Nync, and Mactep – offered us succor. They gave us a place in Insmother, making C-J6 the second sacred goon homeland after S-U8A4.

History matters. Death and the new RA have their backs against the wall facing the southern Russian bloc, and while we don’t normally get involved in this war except to vulture the odd supercap kill, C-J6, capital of Insmother, is holy ground – so holy that we will be temp-blueing PL and their allies to help ensure that C-J does not fall. We have helped defend C-J6 many times over the years, and tonight is no different. Tonight C-J6 is in its final timer, and -A- will be bringing absolutely everything to bear to capture the Jewel of Insmother. This fight will last hours – prepare yourself.

Vee will be forming Drakes. We need a minimum of 35 Scimitars or we won’t make it. This will be too far a deployment to reship, so SCIMITARS. Scimitars >Drakes> etc.

That means form up NOW, jerkfaces.

***  This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all, replies are not monitored ***

This is the message that Gaff forwarded to me through IM while I sat at the office.  And epic battle was in the works.  A proof that history matters, that memories are long, that some things transcend momentary alliances in EVE.  If only it would hold on until I could get home from work.

What would happen at C-J6MT?

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The Vote for CSM7 Has Begun

Just about four years ago, when CCP instituted the Council of Stellar Management, I mocked it as the Galactic Student Council, something with nice titles and no real power, an institution to be co-opted by CCP,  A marketing ploy.

And then came Incarna and talk of pay to win, which was a disaster.

And CSM6 stood up to CCP and became the voice of the players and CCP ended up having to deal with their pet parliament, which suddenly was off the leash and no longer a tame lapdog.

The members of CSM6 were all heroes in the war against Incarna, and all of them deserve our thanks.

But for me, one voice stood out.  So now that the voting for CSM7 has begun, I know who will be getting my vote.

We all seen that our vote matters, so vote wisely.  Keep the CSM an independent voice.  Vote Mittens.