Looking For Blog Name Ideas

I am thinking about changing the name of the blog.

This is not as surprising as it might sound.  I have been thinking about it since about two days after I started it.

I picked the current name on a whim and have been vaguely dissatisfied with it ever since.

Such is life.

This time around I though I would ask for read input.  I need some creativity, because there are constraints.

I cannot bear to give up the current address so I can maintain the illusion that I have a decent readership.  I don’t want to change the URL and find out just how many people keep me in their RSS reader out of laziness.  After five years and almost 2,500 posts later, I am sure there are a few people who would not notice if I stopped posting.  So any new name must fit the acronym TAGN.

Plus I obviously worked so hard on this logo!

So who can come up with a potential blog name that fits the acronym and also keeps gaming… and online gaming if possible… in the picture as well?

I thought about Triaminoguanidine Nitrate, since it is designated by those four letters and seems inseparably associated with the blog on Google, but it doesn’t really get across the right idea.

So I am looking for some brain storming out there.

Treat this as a word game.  Find something that fits the acronym.

39 thoughts on “Looking For Blog Name Ideas

  1. Snick

    Drop the ‘The’ and add News Network to the end…


    Pronounced ‘AG-nnnnn’

    no, wait!

    Ancient Gamer Offers News for You




  2. Joe Birdwell

    Since your site has tagn in the name and you are hosted on wordpress. I would research how a well 301 redirect would work in your situation or you could stand to lose all your google mojo.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @JB – Yes, there are a number of solvable technical issues involved with changing up the blog. But I really want to play a word game here. Make a new name with the letters TAGN.

    Terrible Alternative Gaming News?


  4. DeSlisser

    Wilhelm, no change needed imho. People don’t change. Only their costumes do.

    I love the title and sub-title that comes along with it. It fits how you write, your perspective and what you share of your as a person.


  5. Default

    I think there are quite a few people who actually read you blog.
    I also don’t see a problem with the name. It’s quite unique.

    The logo could use some work :)


  6. HarbingerZero

    The Ancient Gaming Noob is Thinking About Getting Named.

    If you want to change the name go for it, but I don’t think handcuffing yourself to the same acronym is going to make it a successful proposition.

    But then, I’m biased, because I don’t want you to change the name at all, so…


  7. Toldain

    Tendentious Attitudes Given Notice? That sort of fits you…

    I’m trying to work out something about taking ridiculous numbers of screenshots and saving install discs for 10 years, but so far there’s nothing.


  8. Toldain

    Off topic, but WordPress is doing something strange. It says it recognizes my email, but I’m not logged in, and I should hit the back button and log in. But there’s no place here to log in to WordPress.

    I used a faked email address to get around this but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    And, just in case you were wondering, this totally wasn’t an idea for a contest to help me come up with an April Fools joke that I blew off until the last minute because I couldn’t come up with a prize idea or anything so just threw it out there at the last minute. No, not at all.


    If you come up with something totally whacky, I’m sure it won’t ever see if here again.

    More aliens please.

    @Toldain – WordPress.com is up to something. I’ve heard this before. They cannot leave well enough alone… says the guy fishing for new blog names.


  10. Melmoth

    This Acronym Got Nobbled.

    Tales of Adventure and Gaming Nirvana.

    Tenebrous And Grandly Nonsensical.

    Temerarious Accounts of a Gaming Nomad.


  11. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @HZ – But forcing the acronym as one of the parameters is part of what makes it fun. It is like anagrams for people like me who cannot do anagrams without that web site.

    Throwing out some more for fertilizer:

    There Are Gaming Ninjas
    Twins Are Going Nude
    Two Amigos Go (to) Norrath
    That’s A Girl’s Name
    Tag aus Niederländisch Geheime


  12. bhagpuss

    I was going for Telara! Azeroth! …! Norrath! but I can’t think of a gameworld you write about that begins with G. Goonswarm might work…

    I really, really like “That’s A Girl’s Name” though.


  13. Tesh

    The Alien Gnostic Network?

    Tiny Arthropod Glimmering Nightwear…

    OK, I’m sure there are better ones rattling around in this head. I’ll be back.


  14. DeSlisser

    Well if you wanna change (still against it tho TAGN!) then what about

    Time Ascended Gaming News
    Tidbits ‘an Gaming Nerdeliciousness

    * News and Nerdeliciousness are interchangable.

    p.s. Tag aus Niederländisch Geheime acronym is TANG… do you have Dutch herritage or sumthing?


  15. cyndre

    Why not do a Prince thing and just change it to TAGN. Even make a point to state that it doesn’t stand for anything… Very post modern!


  16. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @DeSlisser – Niederländisch is the German word for the Netherlands, so German heritage, though I needed a proper noun with an “N.” And I also wanted to open things up to other languages.


  17. flosch

    I can’t come up with anything good on a whim.

    I really like your current blog name though! It’d be a shame if it went away. Though, you’re the author, and if you don’t like it… maybe you should have a poll later on that… wait, I got one! “Tales of Antique Games (and New ones)”!

    Ok, I give up.

    (and yay, I finally figured out how to post again! How we all love wordpress, don’t we?)


  18. Stabs

    I really like the current name. Both Ancient and Noob show a disregard for the vagaries of popular opinion that makes you truly admirable in my view.


  19. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Wizardling – It is far too late to influence my lack of an April Fools joke now. And the point was to get people to play with the acronym, not to get positive reinforcement about the current (and probably forever) name of the blog. Hah!


  20. wizardling

    Ha, that’s a shame, as after reading other comments, I like ‘Trees Are Gigantic Nuisance’ a lot. I keep getting stuck on them in EQ while autorunning :-\


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