LEGO Rifter? Do Want!

Updated: 10K votes achieved!

Images of this EVE Online frigate, the Rifter, possibly one of the most recognizable ships in the game, rendered in LEGO form have been making the rounds for a while now.

LEGO Rifter

The model itself is up on LEGO’s CUUSOO site that allows you to submit your LEGO creations for consideration to become actual LEGO kits.  There are of course rules, but you get 1% of the net sales.

This, by the way, is how we ended up getting a Minecraft LEGO set.

But to be considered, a kit needs to get 10,000 supporting votes.  The LEGO Rifter, as of this moment, has 3,490 votes for it on its page.  That is about a third of the way there.

CCP is clearly excited about the prospect of there being a Rifter kit from LEGO.  One of the log on ads this week asked people to go vote for the model.

CCP supports the LEGO Rifter

But the whole thing needs about 6,500 more votes, which means people need to go to the site and create an account and vote.

So can you take a minute and go vote for the LEGO Rifter?

I know, another account on the internet, just what we all need.  You can log in with Facebook, though that carries its own minor annoyances.  But just go do it.

And while you are there you can look at some of the other proposed LEGO projects.  There are some Mass Effect kits being proposed.  And some Doctor Who kits as well.  As one article put it, it is like Kickstarter for LEGO.

5 thoughts on “LEGO Rifter? Do Want!

  1. Warsyde

    I’ve never understood why the Rifter is such an iconic ship for EVE, I simply don’t like it. Of course, when it comes to looks, I hate just about everything Caldari or Minmatar and think all the cool loking ships are Amarr or Gallente.

    Do a LEGO Amarr Abaddon or Apocalypse and that would get my vote!

    The Maelstrom’s not bad though, that could work too.


  2. Aufero

    @ Warsyde – Amarr and Gallente ship designs are all pretty rounded, which makes Lego versions of them difficult. If you want recognizable and easily constructed versions of Eve ships, you’re pretty much stuck with the uglier factions.


  3. Facepalm

    Scorpion please! Wasn’t that the first ship to get the new look “make-over” a year or so ago? I always heard it was the “face of eve”.

    I also like the new Ibis after the patch, I call mine Tenguini…the mini tengu.

    Now if only they had a model of the Amarr Titan: Avatar along the lines of this:


  4. pkudude99

    I already added my support for it, back when CCP linked to the Cusoo site from Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I like the model, and would happily buy such a set for my son.


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