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The Mittani Retains Chairmanship for CSM 7

The results of the election for the EVE Online Council of Stellar Management have been announced.

The Mittani, Chairman of CSM 6, pulled in the most votes again this time to retain the position as chairman of CSM 7.  He managed to obtain more than 10,000 votes, which is nearly as many as the next three candidates combined.

The Top 4 Winners

The vote tallies for all of the candidates have been posted by CCP.

The Mittani has promised a celebration in Jita when he returns from Iceland.

The members of CSM 7 will be (along with their total votes received):

The Attending Council Members (Flying to Iceland)

The Mittani(Alexander Gianturco)  10,058
Two Step (Joshua Goldshlag)        4,150
Elise Randolph (Peter Farrell)     3,714
Greene Lee (Dmitriy Vasiliev)      3,329
Trebor Daehdoow (Robert Woodhead)  3,184
Kelduum Revaan (Paul Cammish)      3,163
Seleene (Mark Heard)               2,845

Remote/Alternate Members (On the conference calls)

UAxDEATH (Mikhail Romanchenko)     2,465
Hans Jagerblitzen (Noah Garaas)    2,439
Meissa Anunthiel (Stephan Pirson)  2,289
Dovinian (Tyler Lehfeldt)          2,284
Issler Dainze (Michele Boland)     1,561
Alekseyev Karrde (Gregory Russo)   1,533
Darius III (Joseph W Morris)       1,282

Meanwhile, in some sort of fit of Icelandic crazy, CCP announced the following:

Video cards for PLEX? Upgrade your game machine via ratting/mining?

What does that portend?