Zynga and Martha Stewart – Two Brands Racing to Jump the Same Shark?

I really just don’t know what to think of this.  It is like I don’t want to see it, yet cannot look away.

Martha Stewart comes to CastleVille!

A bit more information is available at GameInformer,  where I first saw this story.  But what else really needs to be said.  I unblocked CastleVille on Facebook just to go see if it was true.

All that is left is the discussion as to who is benefiting the most from this relationship.

On the bright side, I suppose I should be happy that they are being up front in making it clear that Martha is somebody distinct from the group of people you know as your friends.

6 thoughts on “Zynga and Martha Stewart – Two Brands Racing to Jump the Same Shark?

  1. Deb

    LOL So does this mean you’ll be able to create pretty centerpieces and revamp that old framed mirror, while making quick and easy (but impressive looking!) hor dourves from within the game? *shakes head*


  2. Anonymous

    Castleville friends – I am strongly opposed to Zynga’s alliance with Martha Stewart’s enterprises, placing her likeness on the Castleville splash screen and not allowing opt-out of her quest. If you agree, please help me in protesting this.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anon – Strong words from somebody who won’t even leave a fake name.

    I suddenly feel like Martha Stewart isn’t enough. Can’t we get the Olsen twins involved as well?


  4. jannie

    I play castleville and am very dissapointed that zynga forces a jail bird on us, whats next zynga ? oj simpson ? michel jackson ?


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