March in Review

The Site, despite occasionally doing things that annoy me, does still represent, in my mind, the superior free blogging platform.  Blogger has caught up in many ways lately.  They now have built-in stats, for example, one of the initial factors that sent me to WordPress.

I even pay WordPress a bit of money.  I kick in the $30 yearly to keep the blog ad free, something I started when I noticed that the ads they were inserting were all from gold selling sites.  You’re welcome.

Recently WordPress has been trying to tempt its bloggers to use its new stats page, which looks remarkably like the old stats page, leaving people like myself wondering “why bother.”  To sweeten the deal, WordPress now includes geographical stats as part of the new page.  That is kind of nice.

Of course, I have been getting that sort of data for a couple of years now thanks to a widget in the side bar, but I appreciate the thought.  I will now have two data points for international traffic, though the WordPress data only started getting archived in late February.

Visitors from around the world

The color gradient isn’t quite to my liking.  Medium light orange to medium dark orange does not make for much granularity.  It pretty much says “The United States and Everybody Else.”

Still, it has some nice features.  When you go into the detailed view, you can click on a country and the map will change to show you its location.  Handy for the geographically challenged.

Look, Pakistan!

WordPress is even careful to shade the disputed area of Kashmir.  Of course, the feature has its limitations.  Your country must be of a certain size before it shows up on the map however.  For example, the Maldives seem to have gone missing.

Maldives? Looks like empty ocean to me

The same goes for some smaller islands in the Caribbean, the Faroe Islands, Monaco, Guam, and a few other small places.  Oddly, the map does zoom in for the Solomon Islands.  I am betting some marine was involved.

One Year Ago

Rift officially launched.  And while I wasn’t playing, the social media options integrated into the game made it feel like I was there.  And I don’t mean that in a good way.

Pokemon Black and White came out, which became the theme for my birthday.

World of Tanks was talking about going live in April.  There was, of course, a pre-order offer.  There always is these days.

Potshot and I made it to GDC thanks to Darren, where we were able to hobnob with the likes of Brian Green and Damion Schubert.

As with this March, March of last year found me spending time in EverQuest.  It was on the Fippy Darkpaw progression server last year, which at that point was still set in the original EverQuest zones.  Potshot and I were doing some classic things, like getting stuck in the Ocean of Tears and making alts.  And running out of money.

There were the newbie armor quests to work on, which required travel to Freeport at one point, something as hard as we remembered.  We also visited Unrest, North Karana, the Desert of Ro, and Najena.

It was also the 12 year anniversary of the EverQuest launch, and nobody was more surprised that I that I was playing the game 12 years later.  But no corpse runs please.

The instance group, still in Cataclysm Worgen form, spent a couple of nights in Scarlet Monastery and then went to Razorfen Kraul.

I put up a poll asking people which of several items in my drafts folder (current population: 35) I should buckle down on and finish.  I think everything on the list except the winner is still in my drafts folder.

And I came home one day to find the TV had died.  Emergency CPR (read: banging on the damn thing) brought it back to life temporarily, but clearly a replacement was going to be needed.  It was, after all, a few years older than EverQuest.

Five Years Ago

In EverQuest II, my swashbuckler Blintz became my highest level MMO character at the time, hitting the level 50 mark.

Meanwhile, I was still griping about the rise in the cost of Station Access, but at least I got something of an answer as to how my Station Access dollars were allocated.

In World of Warcraft the instance group, after a couple attempts finally finished up Uldaman, was then coming to a temporary stopping point at Zul’Farrak. Work would keep Earl too busy to play with us for the next few months. Meanwhile, a load of my other friends in WoW disappeared due to server splits.

Proving that random grouping has been a problem for a long time, there was a discussion going around about being able to rate people with whom you have grouped.  That option doesn’t seem to have come to pass.

CCP was whispering in my ear about resubscribing for their Revelations expansion.

And, finally, I had a comically large arrow stuck in my head.

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Search Terms

runes of magic another cash shop pile of shit
[Which is why people are worried about GW2]

where is the action house in durotar
[I think you are looking for the Inn in Goldshire]

cannot remember everquest 2 password or secret question
[Then you, my friend, better call customer service]

EVE Online

EVE kicked off with a few fun events in March, but I was distracted for most of the latter half of the month by EverQuest going free to play.  EVE managed to recapture my attention via its usual method, excess drama, and then the CFC went on a full war standing and there were battles to be fought in my own time zone.  Hard to say no to that.


Free To Play.  That went straight to the nostalgia center of my brain… and Potshot’s brain as well I would guess… and so a lot of my mid-week free time since the EQ 13th Anniversary has been spent in old-ish Norrath.  New characters, new server, new guild, the works.  And alts.  I need lots and lots of alts.

We’ll see how long this lasts.  These bouts of EQ nostalgia can burn out fast.


The instance group continues in our WoW surrogate mode.  The Carnival of the Ascended continues on, spewing glass bead prizes and such.  All in all Rift is good, fills a niche for us, and will likely continue to keep us until we hit level cap.  But I think most of us have stopped playing alts on off nights and that sort of thing, one of the usual signs that we’re not that invested in the game.

World of Warcraft

I have an invite to the Mists of Pandaria beta, just like Blizzard promised all the people who went with that one year subscription deal.  The only problem is that I went with the deal more for Diablo III.  I doubt I will install the beta.  I have no interest in playing it before launch.  But they had better send me a pass for my daughter’s account.  She totally wants to play.

And for no good reason, other than the update to Raptr, I decided I would go out and earn one achievement a day in WoW.  Not literally one a day, but 31 achievements for March.

Coming Up

It is April Fools tomorrow and I’ve got nothing.  I tried to troll for a new blog title for a joke update, but didn’t get anything that really worked.  So I’ll just be watching other people’s April Fools.

The instance group will continue on in Rift.  We’re now in the low 30s, but at our rate of playing 3 hours on about 3 Saturday’s in a given month means that we will be at this for a while.  Or until Guild Wars 2 comes out.  Though with how Rift went for us, I think we might be pre-disposed to let any future game age six months before we jump in.

The war in Tenal is just kicking off in EVE Online.  The biggest factor in how much it will mean to me is the fact that our enemy, Raiden and whoever they are bringing to the dance this time, operate in Euro time while I am way over on the left coast of the United States, 8 hours behind UTC.  The return of Mittens event in Jita on April 28th should be interesting, and it sounds like things might actually be ramping up for Hulkageddon V.

And I have now had my iPad 2 for 3 months and have clearly settled into a routine with it.  I should probably what about it works for me and what does not.

5 thoughts on “March in Review

  1. bhagpuss

    Hmm, re WordPress I just noticed that although its now tolerably straightforward to reply to WordPress blogs, my name no longer automatically hyperlinks.

    That’s going to have a material effect on my traffic. I get a fair amount from TAGN and several other WordPress blogs. I’ll have to have a fiddle around and see if anything I can do changes that.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well that’s no good. I am pretty sure that the order methods of getting traffic from my site stacks like:

    -Linked in a popular post
    -Linked in the other 99% of non-recurring posts
    -Comments on posts in which you are correctly linked
    -Track-backs from external posts
    -Linked in Month in Review post as a linking blog
    -Linked in the monthly mail bag post
    -Random acts of Google
    -RSS feed mis-fire
    -Occult or telepathic URL transmission
    -Appearing in my blogroll

    I should do more of the first two, but clearly I think it helps if you feel there is some benefit to commenting here.


  3. bhagpuss

    Ah I think I might have worked out what’s going on… this comment will test it.

    Blogger recently changed my blog address from to (without telling me, let alone asking me, of course). I just spent a while digging through my WordPress profile, which I’ve never looked at since the day I created the account, which was the same day I decided to use Blogger instead, and buried deep in there is a field that looks like it carries the website address to link to if i make comments. And it’s blank.

    So I’ve changed it to the new one. Let’s see if that helps.

    Apologies for using TAGN as a testbed :P


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I have noticed in my own stats that blogger sites have suddenly picked up some new address suffixes. A quick look shows the following appended to blogger addresses:


    These do not appear to have anything to do with the country of the author, and a number of sites show up with multiple variations. Jester’s Trek and Blessing of Kings both show up with .de and .fr domains as well as .com, .ca, and

    Google is probably doing something to make sure nobody grabs its blogger domains in any country.

    This will, of course, screw up my yearly anniversary summary of who sends me the most traffic.


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