Slow Times in Q1U-IU

After spending some time this afternoon laughing at the internet because… well… go read this, as it seems to indicate we do not all live in the same planes of reality… I realized I had not logged into Jabber.  Being able to log on during Euro prime time usually means ops running in EVE Online.

And I was not disappointed.  A fleet message popped up almost immediately.

The message was for the form up of a fifth fleet, there being four fleets already in Tenal and engaged.  A big battle was under way.  Time to log in.  I was actually almost too late.  I got into fleet, got onto coms, and headed out of the station.  We were already being vectored to the system Q1U-IU where the battle was under way.

Undocking and on the way

We were only a few jumps out, and off we went… straight into the mud.

Two jumps down the line we hit the same set of servers that were hosting the battle and time dilation kicked in at 10%.

in EVE, time dilation, or TiDi, is the method by which CCP keeps giant fleet battles under control when the server is being overwhelmed by activity.  To keep up with the ships and gunfire and missiles, the system slows everything down, with the maximum slow down being 10% of normal, or 1/10 speed.

At 10% TiDi, a one minute warp across a system from gate to gate takes 10 minutes.  Everything slows down.  Even certain aspects of the UI slow down when TiDi is engaged.  I opened and closed the local chat window a few times just to watch it slowly disappear.

So the bad news was we were in for a long trip to get to the battle.

Drake Fleet moving slowly in warp

Of course, pictures do not capture how slow we were moving.  I opened up Fraps and took a few video captures.  Flying through warp at 10% TiDi is very soothing with the UI off.  I will try to splice them together and post them, I just need the right song to go with them.  I was thinking of the Dr. Who theme running at about one quarter speed.

On the bright side though, the battle was going slow as well, so it wasn’t like we were going to get there too late.

We did run into some opposition ships, which was kind of comical.  Because everything is moving so slowly, ships can hang there waiting to be targeted for what seems like ages and still get away.  We did get a few when we stopped and waited for some to catch up.  Then it was the other way around as they slowly fell into our trap.

And, eventually we made it to the battle.  It was a big one. There were almost 1600 people involved over the course of events, stacked about 2 to 1 in our favor.  At then end we had six fleets operating in the system.  Not bad considering we were just getting into our prime time hours.

One of those battles

Things were still running close to 10% Tidi (I think we got up to 14% at one point) when we got into the system, into formation, and started the routine of calling targets, firing, and then calling the next one.  It was a target rich environment.

A nice fat pack of Abaddons

Once there, the fight seemed to take very little time.  Odd how time flies where you have something to do.  The fight took place mostly at the gate where we jumped in.  There was a report of some enemy carriers hanging around at planet 2, but jumping into that once we were clear of bubbles only ended up in a space traffic jam.

Drake Fleet and Alpha Fleet collide

Raiden and its allies were driven from the field and the kill boards indicate that the CFC did very well.  The results at seemed messed up, with Northern Coalition ships getting counted in the CFC ranks, but the TEST Alliance kill board seemed to have things sorted out correctly

TEST Killboard Results

That shows us as killing 413 ships and pods for a value of 83 billion ISK in return for losing 48 ships and pods valued at just under 3.5 billion ISK.   A hell of an outing.

I managed to put another 20 kills on my own killboard for the month of March.

And the moment the shooting stopped, TiDi went off.  Still having several hundred people in the system wasn’t an issue.  But shooting all those guns and missile launchers, that makes the CPUs grind.

Then it was back to our forward deployment.  During the trip back we got a bit strung out along the route, which was not helped by my having to step away from the keyboard at one point.  And so it was I got caught by a bomber gang that was sitting and waiting for an easy target to wander into their sights.  The same thing happened to a Drake just a minute or two before me in the same system.

Nobody was close enough to save my ship, and so it went boom.  But a few of allies and at least one corp mate rolled in quickly enough to keep me from getting podded.

That was my fourth Drake lost in null sec.  I seem to lose about one a month.  And the motto of Drake Fleet, when it comes to losses, is “Who cares? It’s a Drake!”  They are indeed cheap and plentiful, plus there is the insurance payout and the eventual alliance reimbursement.  Plus there were already a couple of dozen Drakes for sale on contract at the forward deployment base, so I was able to re-ship in no time at all.

And, in something that must have been a sign, moments after buying the new Drake, I got a stack of notifications about the insurance expiring on almost all of my ships in null sec.

The CFC is in the process of setting Tenal on fire.

3 thoughts on “Slow Times in Q1U-IU

  1. pkudude99

    Almost thou makest me wish to re-sub . . . . .

    Battles like this were what I was expecting when I moved to null. Instead all I ever got were unopposed POS shoots and me in logistics so I didn’t even get on any killmails :-(


  2. theiggep

    I don’t need to resub, but these posts are definitely making making me jealous. In all the time I’ve been playing (on and off for three years) I only made it out to Null Sec for one short period, and that was more than a year ago. Since returning to EVE in January I’ve stuck to Industry, though I did start two new accounts with characters I intend to move out to Null as soon as they can be somewhat viable. One will be Logistics (Basilisk/Guardian, Chimera) and the second will be a shooter (Amarr ships first, then ?).


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @pkudude99 – Well, you know, you are in Skyforger. You could get back in for 30 days and probably see some action. This does not look like it is going to wind up like the White Noise house of cards.


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